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John Vidale

John Vidale
  Office: ATG-208A
     ESS Mailing Address
  Phone: 206-543-6790
  Fax: 206-543-0489 (shared)
  Email: [javascript protected email address]

  Research Groups: Seismology and Tectonics, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Areas of Interest:
Earthquakes, Earth structure, earthquake hazard monitoring and mitigation.

Ph.D. : Caltech, 1987
Undergrad : Yale University, double major in physics and geology, 1981

Current Research Interests:
I have conducted extensive research on earthquakes and Earth structure. My recent work includes measuring the damage to faults during earthquakes, striving to understand why earthquake swarms strike, measuring the rotation of the inner core, and showing there is a correlation, albeit very weak, between the occurrence of earthquakes and the ocean tides.

Graduate Students:
Andrew Delorey