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Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
SPR 2007ESS462 "Volcanic processes"432100%
SPR 2007ESS800 "Doctoral Dissertation"10-100%
AUT 2007ESS106 "Living With Volcanoes"3180100%
AUT 2007ESS800 "Doctoral Dissertation"10-100%
WIN 2008ESS311 "Geomechanics"529100%
WIN 2008ESS800 "Doctoral Dissertation"10-100%
SPR 2008ESS462 "Volcanic Processes"41850%
SPR 2008ESS800 "Doctoral Dissertation"10-100%
WIN 2009ESS311 "Geomechanics"559100%
SPR 2009ESS590 "Geological and Geophysical Structure"34100%
AUT 2010ESS106 "Living With Volcanoes"3190100%
WIN 2010ESS311 "Geomechanics"559100%
SPR 2010ESS106 "Living With Volcanoes"3180100%
AUT 2011ESS106 "Living With Volcanoes"3174100%
WIN 2012ESS311 "Geomechanics"543100%
SPR 2012ESS490/590 "Modeling Explosive Eruptions"36100%
AUT 2012ESS106 "Living With Volcanoes"3196100%
AUT 2012ESS600A "Independent Study"101100%
WIN 2013ESS311 "Geomechanics"560100%
WIN 2013ESS700A "Masters Thesis"101100%
WIN 2014ESS311 Geomechanics563100%
SPR 2014ESS462 Volcanic Processes434100%
WIN 2014ESS600A101100%
WIN 2014ESS700A101100%
SPR 2014ESS600A101100%
SPR 2014ESS700A101100%
AUT 2014ESS600A101100%
AUT 2014ESS700A101100%
WIN 2015ESS311, "Geomechanics"561100%
WIN 2015ESS490G33100%
WIN 2015ESS800A102100%
SPR 2015ESS106, "Living With Volcanoes"3230100%
SPR 2015ESS700A101100%
SPR 2015ESS800A101100%
AUT 2015ESS1063219100%
AUT 2015ESS600A101100%
AUT 2015ESS800A101100%
WIN 2016ESS311559100%
WIN 2016ESS490G13100%
WIN 2016ESS600A101100%
WIN 2016ESS800A101100%
SPR 2016ESS462429100%
SPR 2016ESS600A101100%
SPR 2016ESS800A101100%

Awards and Honors

Award Name
Date Bestowed
Awarding Body
Brief Description
Fellow2000Geological Society of America

Professional Talks and Presentations

2013IAVCEIInternational meetingItalkSystematics of Crustal Growth in Arcs: a Field Example from the Sierra Valle Fertil, Argentina
2012Japanese Deep Drilling Workshop Kona, HawaiiIposterArchitecture and Processes in Arc Crust Formation
2012Chinese Geothermal WorkshopIoralTimescales of magma rejuvenation for geothermal resource evaluation
2012AGUFall MeetingIoral“Space, Time, and Transport in Petrology and Geochemistry”
2012AGUINVITED Fall MeetingIoral"The Mush Model: Paradigm or Straitjacket?"
2012PIREWorkshop on Environmental and extreme multiphase flowsIoral“Grain-scale processes in dense and transitional granular flows”
2011AGU INVITED Fall meetingIoralCrustal Systematics
2011MARGINS INVITED Planning WorkshopICrustal Systematics
2011Society of Mathematical GeologyPISA meetingIoral"Modeling of Volcanic Processes"
2009GSAPenrose on Yellowstone and SRP rhyolitesIoral"Mush model for Yellowstone system
2008IAVCEI-CGeneral meeting, Burgisser and Bergantz,"Unzipping of crystal mush as a mechanism to generate eruptable magmas"
2008IAVCEI-CGeneral Meeting,"Integrating Numerical and Laboratory Models of Explosive Eruptions with Field Observations: Conclusions from a Pyroclastic Transport Workshop"
2008-Goldschmidt ConferenceC-Bergantz and Bachmann, "Reconsidering the proposed derivation of voluminous I and A-type high-silicia primary magmas directly by crustal fusion"
2007IAVCEICities on Volcanoes ConferenceI-Bergantz and Dufek, "Probing the emergent structures and mechanics of pyroclastic flows: Integrating the dynamics and deposits of volcanic eruptions"
2007Co-organizer of NSF supported short courseshort course--"Mechanics and Modeling of Explosive Eruptions", Flagstaff, AZ.
2007-SOTA C Conference--Bergantz and Bachmann, "Distinguishing the origin and controls on the differing magmatic footprints of slab drizzle, and rapid, large-scale silicic flare-ups"
2007AGUAGUC-Ruprecht, Cooper, Bergantz, "Modeling Magma Mixing: Evidence from U-series age dating and Numerical Simulations"
2007AGUAGUI-Dufek et al. (including Bergantz, G.W.) "Dynamical Constraints on the Life Cycle of Voluminous Silicic Systems: How to Build, Maintain, and Destroy Shallow Silicic Magma Bodies"
2007IUGGIUGGI-Dufek, Bergantz, "Modeling the dynamics of turbulent multiphase gravity currents: the importance of geologically diverse boundary conditions"
2007-Goldschmidt Conference--Ruprecht, Cooper, Bergantz, "238U-230Th and 226Ra-230Th crystal ages at Volcn Quizapu: A prime location for studying magma mixing processes on short time scales
2006AGUAGUI-Bachmann and Bergantz, "Deciphering Magma Chamber Dynamics From Styles of Compositional Zoning in Erupted Rocks"
2006AGUAGUI-Bergantz and Bachmann, "The Processes and Timescales That Produce Zoning and Homogeneity in Magmatic Systems"
2006AGUAGUC-Dufek, Bergantz, Manga, "Using Natural Boundary Conditions to Probe the Internal Dynamics of Pyroclastic Flows: Mass, Enthalpy and Momentum Transfer at the Flow-Bed Interface"
2005AGUAGUI-Dufek and Bergantz, "The Multiphase Characterization of Volcanic Phenomena: A Comparison of Numerical and Experimental Approaches"
2005AGUAGUI-Bergantz, "On the Integration of Micro-textural and Crystal-Chemical Data With Magma Chamber Dynamics"
2005AGUAGUC-Ruprecht, Cooper, Bergantz, "U-series crystal ages in historic eruptions of Volcan Quizapu, Chile"
2014AGUAGUIoralOn the Grand Challenges in Physical Petrology: The Multiphase Crossroads
2015SOTAState of the Arc meetingIOn the Dynamics of Crustal Mushes
2015AGUAGU FallCoralMultiphase Simulations Constraining the Volumes and Efficiency of Mixing Within Magmatic Mushes
2016EGUEGUIoralRe-awaking magmatic systems: The Mechanics of an Open-System Event
2016Goldschmidt, JapanGoldschmidtCoralOn the Dynamics of Mixing in Crystal-Rich Mushes

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
April 2015NSFEAR review panel

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Schleicher, J/M., Bergantz, G.W., Breidenthal, R.E., Burgisser, A., 2016, Time scales of crystal mixing in magma mushes, Geophysical Research Letters, v. 43, p.1543-1550.

Bergantz, G.W., Schleicher, J. M., Burgisser, A., 2015, Open-system dynamics and mixing in magma mushes, Nature Geoscience, v. 8, p. 793-796.

Walker, B.A., Bergantz, G.W., Otamendi, J.E., Ducea, M.N., Cristofolini, E., 2015, A MASH zone revealed: the mafic complex of the Sierra Valle Fertil, J. Petrology, v. 56, p. 1863-1896.

Ducea, M.N., Otamendi, J.E., Bergantz, G.W., Jianu, D., Petrescu, L., 2015, The origin and petrologic evolution of the Ordovician Famatinian-Puna arc, 2015, Geological Society of America Memoirs, v. 212, p. 125-138.

Ducea, M., Saleeby, J., Bergantz, G.W., 2015, The architecture, chemistry and evolution of continental magmatic arcs, Annual Reviews in Earth and Planetary Sciences, v. 43, 299-331.

Cristofolini, E.A., Otamendi, Walker B.A. Jr., Tibaldi, A., Armas, P., Bergantz, G.W., Martino, R.2014, A Middle Paleozoic shear zone in the Sierra de Valle Fértil, Argentina: implications for the closure and exhumation of the Famatinian arc, vol. 56, South American Journal of Earth Sciences, p. 170-185.

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25 authors, 2012, “Fostering Interactions Between the Geosciences and Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science”, Technical Report of the Computer Science Dept. of the University of Chicago.

Ruprecht, P., Bergantz, G.W., Cooper, K.M. and Hildreth, W., 2012, The crustal magma storage system of Volcán Quizapu, Chile, and the effects of magma mixing on magma diversity, Journal of Petrology, v. 53, n. 4, p. 801-840, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egs002

Otamendi, J., Ducea, M., Bergantz, G.W., 2012, Geological, petrological and geochemical evidence for progressive construction of an arc crustal section, Sierra de Valle Fértil, Famatinian arc, Argentina, Journal of Petrology, v. 53, no. 4, p. 761-800, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egr079

Burgisser, A. and Bergantz, G.W., 2011, “A rapid mechanism to remobilize and homogenize highly crystalline magma bodies”, Nature, v. 471, p. 212-215

Ducea, M.N., Otamendi, J.E., Bergantz, G.W., Stair, K.M., Valencia, V.A., and Gehrels, G.E., 2010, Timing constraints on building an intermediate plutonic arc crustal section: U- Pb zircon geochronology of the Sierra Valle Fértil-La Huerta, Famatinian Arc, Argentina: Tectonics, 29, TC4002, doi:10.1029/2009TC002615.

Otamendi, J., Ducea, M., Tibaldi, A., de la Rosa, J., Bergantz,G.W., Vujovich, G., 2009, "Generation of Tonalitic and Dioritic Magmas by Coupled Partial Melting of Gabbroic and Metasedimentary Rocks within the Deep Crust of the Famatinian Magmatic Arc", Journal of Petrology, v. 50, p. 841-873.

Bachmann, O. and Bergantz, G.W., 2008, “Rhyolites and their Source Mushes Across Tectonic Settings”, Journal of Petrology, v. 49, no. 12, p. 2277-2285.

Current Research Interests

Multiphase flows, Physical Petrology, Volcanology, Numerical methods

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Was interviewed on KING-5 news about our research, article in UW Today, also on the show 'Deadliest Catch" as a volcano expert.