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Paul Bodin

Professional Talks and Presentations

2012. AprilUSGS NEHRPNational Seismic Hazard Workshop on the Pacific NorthwestinvitedtalkThe Seattle Liquefaction Array
2012, 26-28 MarchUNAVCONational Workshop on Realtime GPS Position Data Products and Formats, Boulder, COinvitedtalkIntegrating RTGPS within A Regional Seismic Monitoring Network - Operational Backdrop
2012 25 April.Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroupannual board meeting Public ForuminvitedtalkRecent Advances at the PNSN. (
Schulz, W. H.; Kean, J. W.; Gomberg, J. S.; Bodin, P.; Wang, G.; Coe, J. A.; MacQueen, P.; Foster, K.; Creager, K., 2009, The Slumgullion Natural Laboratory: Landsliding Mechanisms Inferred from Seismic and Geodetic Observations American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, abstract #T22B-06
Vidale, J., P. Bodin, J. Gomberg, S. Malone, T. Yelin, 2009, The future of earthquake monitoring for hazard mitigation in the PacNW, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 41, No. 7, p. 429. Paper No. 164-3
Rubinstein, J. L., J.E. Vidale, J. Gomberg, P. Bodin, K.C. Creager, and S.D. Malone,, 2007, Triggering of grinding tremor by the strong shaking of the 2002 Denali earthquake. 103rd Annual Meeting (4
Rubinstein, J L., Vidale, J E., Gomberg, J., Creager, K C, Bodin, P, Malone, S D, Wech, A G., (2007), Non-volcanic Tremor and Earthquakes Driven by the Large Transient Shear Stresses of the 2002 Denali Earthquake, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T12C-01
Gomberg, J., J.L. Rubinstein, Z. Peng, K.C. Creager, J. E. Vidale, P. Bodin, (2007), Widespread Triggered Non-volcanic Tremor Along the California Transform Plate Boundary, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T12C-02
Hardesty, K., L. Wolf, L., P. Bodin (2007) A Microtremor Study in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract XXXX-XX
Bodin, P., J. Vidale, and S. Malone (2007), Monitoring on the Edge: The Need for New Regional Seismic Monitoring Technologies in the U.S. Pacific Northwest., Eos Trans. AGU, 88(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract S34A-04
Bodin, P., 2012, “The Seattle Liquefaction Array”. USGS NEHRP National Seismic Hazard Workshop on the Pacific Northwest. April, Seattle, WA.
Bodin, P., 2012, “Integrating RTGPS within A Regional Seismic Monitoring Network - Operational Backdrop ”. UNAVCO National Workshop on Realtime GPS Position Data Products and Formats, 26-28 March, Boulder, CO.
Bodin, P., 2012, “Recent Advances at the PNSN” Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup annual board meeting Public Forum. Seattle, WA, 25 April. (
Hardesty, K., L. Wolf, L., P. Bodin (2007) Using microtremors to analyze site characteristics in the New Madrid seismic zone. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 39, No. 3, p. 24 [Joint South-Central and North-Central Sections, The Geological Society of America 41st Annual Meeting (1113 April 2007)]
Vidale, J.E., Z. Peng, K.C. Creaager, P. Bodin, (2007), Teleseismically-induced tremor near Parkfield, CA - a cacophony or a symphony?, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T12C-03.
Hartog, R., P. Bodin, J. Gomberg, B. Gustafson, S. Malone, S. Palmer, T. Pratt, B. Steele, J. Vidale, D. Wald, C. Weaver, and I. Wong, (2007), ShakeMap at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, Eos Trans. AGU, 88(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract S51A-0218
Hardesty, K., L. Wolf, and P. Bodin (2008), Using microtremor data for hazards assessment in areas of earthquake-induced liquefaction: a case study in the New Madrid Seismic zone, Seismological Research Letters, Volume 79, No. 2, p. 276.
Lawrence, Z., P. Bodin, C.A. Langston, J. Gomberg, P.A. Johnson, (2008) Active source strong motion: investigating In Situ nonlinear soil dynamics. Seismological Research Letters, Volume 79, No. 2 p. 340.
Terra, F., I. Wong, D. Baush, G. Crawford, R. Hartog, B. Steele, J. Vidale, P. Bodin, J. Gomberg T. Pratt, C. Weaver, J. Rozelle, and D. Wald, (2008) Near-real time earthquake risk analysis using HAZUS and high-resolution ShakeMap for the Seattle, Metropolitan area, Washington. Seismological Research Letters, Volume 79, No. 2 on p 323.
2014AGUFall Annual MeetingContributedGeodesy OralSynthetic testing of the Pacific Northwest earthquake early warning system
2014AGUFall Annual MeetingContributedSeismology - PosterMicroseismicity of Death Valley, California: An Active Detachment Faulting Regime
2014AGUFall Annual MeetingContributedSeismology PosterFeasibility Study of Earthquake Early Warning in Hawai`i For the Mauna Kea Thirty Meter Telescope
19 March, 2016American Society for Public AdministrationAnnual MeetingInvitedTalk/panelEarthquake early warning: Time to act
29 January, 2016Cal TechSeismology Department SeminarinvitedTalkScientific and engineering challenges for earthquake early warning: view from the Pacific Northwest
18 December, 2015AGUFall meetingContributedposterAn international coastline collaboratory to broaden scientific impacts of a subduction zone observatory
18 December, 2015AGUFall meetingContributedposterA real-time cabled observatory on the Cascadia subduction zone
18 December, 2015AGUFall meetingContributedposterThe G-FAST Geodetic earthquake early warning system: Operational performance and synthetic testing
23 April, 2015Seismological Society of AmericaAnnual meetingContributedTalkOptimizing earthquake early warning lead times in the Pacific Northwest

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
04/2008Ballard High SchoolLecture to science classes
09/18/2008Society of Professional EngineersPresentation on Hazard Monitoring

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Given, D.D., Cochran, E.S., Heaton, T., Hauksson, E., Allen, R., Hellweg, P., Vidale, J., and Bodin, P., 2014, Technical implementation plan for the ShakeAlert production system—An Earthquake Early Warning system for the West Coast of the United States: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2014–1097, 25 p.,

Gomberg, J., Atwater, B., Beeler, N., Bodin, P., Davis, E., Frankel, A., Hayes, G., McConnell, V., Melbourne, T., Oppenheimer, D., Parrish, J., Roeloffs, E., Rogers, G., Sherrod, B., Vidale, J., Walsh, T., Weaver, C., and Whitmore, P., 2015, Earthquake forewarning in the Cascadia region: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015–1151, 8 p.,

Gomberg, J., P. Bodin, J. Bourgeois, S. Cashman, D.S. Cowan, K. Creager, B. Crowell, A. Duvall, A.D. Frankel, F. Gonzalez, H. Houston, H.P. Johnson, H. Kelsey, U. Miller, E. Roland, D. Schmidt, L. Staisch, J. Vidale, W. Willcock, and E. Wirth (2016), Planning for a Subduction Zone Observatory, EOS, 97.

Hartog, J. R., V. C. Kress, S. D. Malone, P. Bodin, J. E. Vidale, and B. W. Crowell (2016), Earthquake early warning: ShakeAlert in the Pacific Northwest, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., Vol 206, No 4, 1875-1886

Crowell, B. W., D. A. Schmidt, P. Bodin, J. E. Vidale, J. Gomberg, J. R. Hartog, V. C. Kress, T. I. Melbourne, V. M. Santillan, S. E. Minson, and D. G. Jamison (2016), Demonstration of the Cascadia G-FAST geodetic earthquake early warning system for the Nisqually, Washington earthquake, Seism. Res. Lett, 87, 930-943.

Hotovec-Ellis, P. Bodin, W. Thelen, P. Okubo, J. Vidale (2017). Improving the Hawaiian Seismic Network for Earthquake Early Warning, Seism. Res. Lett., 88(2A), 326-334.

Current Research Interests

Seismology; Earthquake sources; Earthquake effects; Hazard mitigation.

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Staff Positions (not only Active, but new this year!)
Dr. Mouse Reusch,
Dr. Alex Hutko,
Brendan Pratt

Staff Positions (Active):
Steve Malone (Network Seismologist)
Terry Bartlett (Computer Specialist)
Dr. Victor Kress (Research Scientist)
Dr. Renate Hartog (Research Scientist)
Jon Connolly (Software Engineer)
Amy Wright (Research Scientist)
Pat McChesney (Research Engineer)
Karl Hagel (Research Engineer)
Doug Gibbons (Research Scientist)
Bill Steele (Information Specialist)

Staff Positions (recently separated from UW):
Dr. Silvio De Angelis (Research Scientist—Currently Lecturer, University of Liverpool)
Dr. Wes Thelen (Research Scientist – Currently network manager of USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory)
Montee Gillespie (Field engineer— Currently field engineer at Century Link)
Bethaney Dukellis (Field engineer – Current occupation unknown)
Mike Cibicki (Research Scientist)

ESS Graduate Students Funded:
Andrew Delorey
Wes Thelen
Alicia Hotovec-Ellis
Kate Allstadt
Trevor Thomas
Additional Coordination (and de facto supervision) of USGS, University of Oregon, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory personnel
Tom Yelin (USGS)
Dr. Lynn Simmons (USGS)
David Bowen (USGS)
Bob Norris (USGS, ret.)
Dennis Fletcher (UO)
Ray Clayton (PNNL)