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Joanne (Jody) Bourgeois

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
08 SpringESS 456Depositional Environments4 credits18 enrolled100%
08 FallESS 402International Field Geology Sicily5 credits14 enrolled75%
09 Winterrelease timerelease time College Council
09 SpringESS 456Depositional Environments4 credits18 enrolled100%
09 Aut - 10 Sprsabbatical leaveon sabbatical leave
10 AutumnESS 408Great Geological Issues3 credits18 enrolled100%
10 AutumnESS 508Great Geol Issues, grad level3 credits3 enrolled100%
11 Winterleave of absencevisiting professor, Hokkaido Univ.
11 Spring[50% leave]mentored BMacInnes ESS4564 credits~20 enrolled25%
11 AutumnESS 408Great Geological Issues3 credits27 enrolled100%
11 AutumnESS 508Great Geol Issues, grad level3 credits3 enrolled100%
12 Winter[50% leave]ESS 490 Spring break trip to Hawaii2 credits11 enrolled50%
12 SpringESS 456Depositional Environments4 credits22 enrolled100%
12 AutumnESS 408Great Geological Issues3 credits28 enrolled100%
12 AutumnESS 599Departmental seminar1 credit49 enrolled100%
13 WinterESS 490Spring break trip New Mexico2 credits17 students100%
13 SpringESS 456Depositional Environments4 credits22 students100%
13 AutumnESS 402International Field Geology Australia5 credits17 students50%
13 AutumnESS 408Great Geological Issues3 credits20 students100%
14 WinterESS 455Stratigraphy4 credits20 students100%
14 SpringESS 456Depositional Environments4 credits18 students100%
14 AutumnESS 408Great Geological Issues3 credits20 students100%
15 WinterESS 490CSpring break trip to Utah2 credits10 students100%
15 SpringESS 456Depositional Environments4 credits18 pre-enrolled100%
15 AutumnESS 408Great Geological Issues3 Credits30 incl 1 508100%
16 WinterESS 490CSpring break geology trip, AZ, UT, NV2 credits19 plus 2100%

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
Type of Instruction / Title of Talk
9 May 07ESS202-Tsunami lecture
6 Nov 07ESS594-Talk in ESS 594 for new grad students
Winter 08QRCKuril Islands seminar (noted above)-informal partial leadership (w/ Fitzhugh, Bitz, others)
Spring 08ESS202-Tsunami lecture in ESS 202 Earthquakes
Fall 08ESS594-Talk in ESS 594 for new grad students
3 Nov 08General Studies197-Presentation to General Studies 197 Freshman Seminar, Exploring Environmental Majors at the UW coordinated by Nichole Fernkes [my presentation, ESS -- a major with major field opportunities]
Spring 09ESS202-Tsunami lecture in ESS 202 Earthquakes
Spring 11ESS495-Brace for Impact -- How large impacts have changed the Earth
Spring 12ESS202talk on tsunamisTsunami lecture in ESS 202 Earthquakes
Winter 13ESS455Taught seismic stratigraphy lab for ESS 455
Winter 13CoE Water Seminartalk on tsunamis
Spring 13ESS202Tsunami lecture in ESS 202 Earthquakes
Winter 14ESS202Tsunami lecture in ESS 202 Earthquakes
Winter 15ESS455Taught seismic stratigraphy lab for ESS 455
Winter 16ESS455Helped with labs, taught seismic stratigraphy
Winter 16ESS202Tsunami lecture in ESS 202 Earthquakes

Awards and Honors

Award Name
Date Bestowed
Awarding Body
Brief Description
Distinguished AlumnaApril 2016University of Wisconsin Geosciences
L.L. Sloss AwardOct 2015GSA Sedimentary Geology Divisionhighest award of the Division--career contributions
Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award2007UW Earth & Space Sciences
Distinguished Graduate Award1993Simsbury High School, Simsbury, CT
Recent sabbatical visits/titles:
Visiting Scientist2009-2010Institute of Volcanology & Seismology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Helen Whiteley scholarOct-Dec 2010Friday Harbor, WA;
Visiting ProfessorMar-Apr 2010University of Catania, Sicily, Italy
Global COE Visiting Professor7-16 April 2010Tohoku University
Specially Appointed Professor1 January - 31 March 2011Hokkaido University Inst. of Seismology and Volcanology[revisit January 2012]
Visiting ProfessorApril 2010University of Caentrip cancelled due to volcanic eruption
Visiting Professor (professeur du visite)June-July 2012University of Caen
Fulbright Fellow2017Institute of Volcanology & Seismology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russiarecommended, pending funds

Professional Talks and Presentations

NOTE--only selected, invited, recent
2010Tohoku UniversityInternational Tsunami symposiumdistinguished invitedkeynoteState of the Art of Tsunami Geology
2010Kesen'numa CityJapan tsunami hazard field tripinviteddistinguished public lecture --ballroomTsunamis in the Pacific Northwest
2010Univ. of Tennesse Geological SciencesKlepser distinguishedinviteddistinguished lecturerPaleoseismology, Russian Far East
2010Univ. of Tennesse Planetary groupKlepser distinguishedinviteddistinguished lecturerMegatsunamis in the geologic record
2011Hokkaido University, Inst Seismology Volcanologywhile visiting professorinvited, distinguishedlectureReconstructing earthquakes from tsunami-deposit records
2011Japan Geological Survey, AIST, Tsukuba, JapanSeminar & visitinvitedlecturePaleoseismology and tsunami sedimentology
2012AGUNorth Pacific Geohazards session (video linked)invitedvideo-linked talkPaleoseismology of the Northwest Pacific
2012Oberlin CollegeFukushima Symposium, one year laterinvitedpublic lecture auditoriumLessons learned from 11 March 2011
2012Oberlin CollegeGeology Dept seminarinvitedlecturePaleoseismology, Russian Far East
2012University of CaenLab Morphodynamique Continentale et CotiereinvitedseminarNeotectonics, Russian Far East
2012University of CaenLab Morphodynamique Continentale et CotiereinvitedlecturePaleoseismology methods
2012Complutenses Univ. of Madridinviteddepartment seminarPaleoseismology, Russia and Cascadia
2013Geological Society of America AnnualPardee Symposium -- footsteps of giantsinvitedlectureGrove Karl Gilbert--he rocked the boat
2013Geological Society of America AnnualTheme sessioninvitedlectureGeomorphology is archaeological destiny
2014Geological Society of America AnnualTheme sessioninvitedlectureGreat and outrageous ideas about impacts in Earth history
2015Columbia History of Science SocietyAnnual meetingcompetitiveLectureGreat and outrageous ideas about impacts in Earth history -- Younger Dryas
2017Inst of Volcanology & SeismologyScience seminars for young scientists

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
-UW Speakers Bureauvarious talks
19 April 06Preparedness Event, TacomaInvited speaker, Tsunamis
fall 2006Pacific Science CenterRequested Presentation to high school science students at Pacific Science Center
16 November 2006American Water Resources Association Washington Chapter, Annual conferenceInvited Presentation on tsunamis
Spring 2006 - presentTREC public-schoolInteract with TREC public-school teacher on Kurils Project
fall, 2007Bellingham middle schoolHosted middle school group from Bellingham
Jan 2009North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral ClubInvited speaker
May 2009NW Geological SocietyLecture
April 2010Kesennuma City, Sanriku Coast, JapanPublic lecture on paleoseimsology studied in the land of Ichiro (i.e., Cascadia)
November 2010Jane Addams School Science Career DayVolunteer
April 2011UW Paws-on-Science at Pacific Science CenterVolunteer
Autumn 2011University House, WallingfordLecture on Tohoku tsunami
(2002-2011)Ten Thousand VillagesVolunteer
Winter 2014North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral ClubLecture on ESS trip to Australia
Spring 2014NWGS and AWG joint meetingLecture on Antarctic/Scotia Arc trip & geology

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

*peer reviewed
*Ponomareva, V., Portnyagin, M., Pendea, I.F., Zelenin, E., Bourgeois, J., Pinegina, T., and Kozhurin A. A., accepted & resubmitted. A full Holocene tephrochronology for the Kamchatsky Peninsula region: applications from Kamchatka to North America, Quaternary Science Reviews

*Pendea, I.F., Ponomareva, V., Bourgeois, J., Zubrow,, E.B.W., Portnyagin, M., Ponkratova, I., Harmsen, H., Korosec, G., 2016. Late Glacial to Holocene paleoenvironmental change on the northwestern Pacific seaboard, Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia), Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 157, p. 14-28.

*Gomberg, J.S., Bodin, P., Bourgeois, J., Cashman, S., Cowan, D., Creager, K.C., Crowell, B., Duvall, A., Frankel, A., Gonzalez, F. and Houston, H., 2016. Building a Subduction Zone Observatory. EOS-Earth & Space Science News.

*Buskirk, B.L., Bourgeois, J., Meyer, H.W. and Nesbitt, E.A., 2016. Freshwater molluscan fauna from the Florissant Formation, Colorado: Paleohydrologic reconstruction of a latest Eocene lake. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 53(6), p. 543-547, doi 10.1139/cjes-2016-0043

MacInnes, B., Kravchunovskaya, E., Pinegina, T. and Bourgeois, J., 2016. Paleotsunamis from the central Kuril Islands segment of the Japan-Kuril-Kamchatka subduction zone. Quaternary Research, v. 86, p. 54-66.

*Pinegina, T.K., J. Bourgeois, E.A. Kravchunovskaya, A.V. Lander, M.E.. Arcos (Martin), K. Pedoja, B. Macinnes, 2013. Segmented Holocene vertical movement of Kamchatsky Peninsula coast (Kamchatka) based on coastal marine terraces, Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, v. 125, p. 1554-1568.

*Ponomareva, V., Portnyagin, M., Derkachev, A., Pendea, I.F., Bourgeois, J., Reimer, P.J., Garbe-Schonberg, D.G., Krasheninnikov, S. and Nürnberg, D., 2013. Early Holocene M~6 explosive eruption from Plosky volcanic massif (Kamchatka) and its tephra as a link between terrestrial and marine paleoenvironmental records: International Journal of Earth Science (formerly Geologische Rundshau), v. 102(6), p. 1673-1699.

*Pedoja, K., Christine Authemayou, Tatiana Pinegina, Joanne Bourgeois, Maëlle Nexer, Bernard Delcaillau and Vincent Regard, 2013. Arc-continent collision of the Aleutian-Komandorsky arc into Kamchatka: insight into Quaternary tectonic segmentation through Pleistocene marine terraces and morphometric analysis of fluvial drainage, Tectonics, v.. 32, p. 827–842, doi:10.1002/tect.20051.

*Weiss, R. and Bourgeois, J., 2012. Understanding sediments – reducing tsunami risk: Science v. 336, p. 1117-1118, DOI: 10.1126/science.1221452

*Weiss, R. and Bourgeois, J., 2012, Tsunami deposits: A broader perspective: EOS, Trans. Am. Geophys. Union, v. 93 (18), p. 180, DOI:10.1029/2012EO180007 (workshop report)

*Martin, M.E. and Bourgeois, J., 2012. Vented sediments and tsunami deposits in the Puget Lowland, Washington: differentiating sedimentary processes. Sedimentology, v. 59, p. 419-444.

Current Research Interests

Sedimentary Geology, Stratigraphy, Paleoseismology, Tsunami geology,
Neotectonics, Coastal Morphotectonics, Geoarchaeology, History of Geology, Tsunami mitigation

Current C.V. URL


I am actively retired, interested in assisting in field expeditions or other scientific endeavors.