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Roger Buick- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
Winter 2015, ESS 450, 3 credits, 14 students, 100%, Y
Spring 2015, ESS 213, 5 credits, 57 students, 100%, Y
Autumn 2015, ASTBIO 502, 4 credits, 12 students, 100%, Y
Winter 2016, ESS 517, 3 credits, 5 students, 100%, Y

Professional Talks and Presentations

03/08/15: BUICK, R. Chemical fossil evidence for the early evolution of Eukarya and Archaea. Company of Biologists Eukaryogenesis/Archaeogenesis meeting, Wiston House UK (oral, invited).
01/14/16: BUICK, R., Stüeken, E.E., Koehler, M.C. & Kipp, M.A. Evolution of Earth's biogeochemical nitrogen cycle: an example of an integrated system influencing planetary habitability. 4th International ELSI Symposium, Tokyo Tech, Tokyo Japan (oral, invited).

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
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Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

2015: Bradley, K., Weiss, B.P. & BUICK, R. Records of geomagnetism, climate and tectonics across a Paleoarchean erosion surface. Earth & Planetary Science Letters, 419, 1-13.

2015: French, K.L., Hallmann, C., Hope, J.M., Schoon, P.L., Zumberge, J.A., Hoshino, Y., Peters, C.A., George, S.C., Love, G.D., Brocks, J.J., BUICK, R. & Summons, R.E. Reappraisal of hydrocarbon biomarkers in Archean rocks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, 112, 5915-5920.

2015: Krissansen-Totten, J., BUICK, R. & Catling D.C. A statistical analysis of the carbon isotope record from the Archean to Phanerozoic and implications for the rise of oxygen. American Journal of Science, 315, 275-316.

2015: Stüeken, E.E., BUICK, R., & Anbar, A.D. Selenium isotopes support free O2 in the latest Archean. Geology, 43, 259-262.

2015: Stüeken, E.E., BUICK, R., Bekker, A., Catling, D.C., Foriel, J., Guy, B.M., Kah, L.C., Machel, H.G. & Poulton, S.W. The evolution of the global selenium cycle: secular trends in Se isotopes and abundances. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 162, 109-125.

2015: Stüeken, E.E., Foriel, J., BUICK, R. & Schoepfer, S.D. Selenium isotope ratios, redox changes and biological productivity across the end-Permian mass extinction. Chemical Geology, 410, 28-39.

2015: Stüeken, E.E., BUICK, R., Guy, B.M. & Koehler, M.T. Isotopic evidence for biological nitrogen fixation by Mo-nitrogenase from 3.2 Gyr. Nature, 520, 666-669.

2015: Stüeken, E.E., BUICK, R. & Schauer, A.J. Nitrogen isotope evidence for alkaline lakes on late Archean continents. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 411, 1-10.

2014: Claire, M.W., Kasting, J.F., Domagal-Goldman, S.D., Stüeken, E.E., BUICK, R. & Meadows, V.S. Modeling the signature of sulfur mass-independent fractionation produced in the Archean atmosphere. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 141, 365-380.

2013: Som, S.M., Hagadorn, J.W., Thelen, W.A., Gillespie, A.R., Catling, D.C. & BUICK, R. Quantitative discrimination between geological materials with low density contrast by high resolution X-ray computer tomography: an example using amygdule size-distribution in ancient lava flows. Computers & Geoscience, 54, 231-238.

2013: Pasek, M.A., Harnmeijer, J.P., BUICK, R., Gull, M. & Atlas, Z. Evidence for reactive reduced phosphorus species in the early Archean ocean. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA., 110, 10089-10094.

2013: Stüeken, E.E., Foriel, J., Nelson, B.K., BUICK, R. & Catling, D.C. Selenium isotope analysis of organic-rich shales: advances in sample preparation and isobaric interference correction. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 28, 1734-1749.

Current Research Interests

Origin and early evolution of life and environments, astrobiology, Precambrian paleontology and geology.

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On early evolution of nitrogenase: