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Brian Collins- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
Sp 2010ESS/AIS/ENVIR490/450E/475B335
Sp 2011ESS/AIS/ENVIR320530
Au 2012ESS426524100
Sp 2013ESS490/59038100
Au 2013ESS426/526530100
W 2014ESS518117100
W 2014ESS60012100
Au 2014ESS541410100
W 2015ESS518118100
Sp 2015ESS426/526531100
W 2016ESS518112100
Sp 2016ESS426/526518100
Au 2016ESS59752100
W 2017ESS59751100
Sp 2017ESS426/526531100
Sp 2017ESS5975100

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
Type of Instruction / Title of Talk
2/25/2010JSIS China StudiesColloquiumTHO 317Lecture
9/10-11/2012ESS509Pack ForestEvening lecture and all-day field exercise
9/13-14/2013ESS509Pack ForstEvening lecture and all-day field exercise
3/20/2013, 5/19/2014ESS518JHN 022Lecture/seminar
9/17-18/2016ESS509Pack ForestEvening lecture and all-day field exercise

Professional Talks and Presentations

4/6/2011US-International Association for Landscape EcologyAnnual MeetingITalkLinking historical geomorphology and historical ecology to guide river restoration in the Puget Sound region
4/12/2011American Association of GeographersAnnual MeetingCTalkSoil erosion, fluvial processes, and land use history in a mountainous catchment in southwest Sichuan Province, China
3/27/2009American Association of GeographersAnnual MeetingCTalkA multi-scale approach to developing a "reference condition" for guiding the restoration of extensively human-modified lowland rivers in the Puget Sound basin

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
AU 2011UW Professional and Continuing EducationCo-instructor (with Kevin Fetherston), quarter-long course: "Watershed and riverine processes," part of year-long Stream Restoration Certificate Program
11/28/2011Antioch UniversityGuest lecturer, course "Bioregional studies: The Dynamic Duwamish River"
2012-2015San Francisco Estuary InstituteScience Advisory Panel, "Management tools for landscape-scale restoration of ecological functions to the Sacramento River Delta"
2012-2015Miles Lost/Miles GainedAdvisor to and content contributor to community education/public art project
2010-2015Waterlines (Burke Museum)Advisor and content contributor to community education project

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Collins, B.D., Montgomery, D.R., Schanz, S.A., Larsen, I.J. 2016. Rates and mechanisms of bedrock incision and strath terrace formation in a forested catchment, Cascade Range, Washington. Geological Society of America Bulletin, DOI: 10.1130/B31340.1.
Chin, A., Florsheim, J., Wohl, E.E., Collins, B.D. 2013. Feedbacks in human-landscape systems. Environmental Management.
Collins, B.D., Montgomery, D.R., Fetherston, K.L., Abbe, T.B. 2012. The floodplain large-wood cycle hypothesis: a mechanism for the physical and biotic structuring of temperate forested alluvial valleys in the North Pacific coastal ecoregion. Geomorphology 139-140: 460-470.

Collins, B.D., Montgomery, D.R. 2011. The legacy of Pleistocene glaciation and the organization of lowland alluvial process domains in the Puget Sound region. Geomorphology 126: 174-185.