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Howard Conway- Website

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
Type of Instruction / Title of Talk
Fall, 2013ESS/Principles of Glaciology431UWGuest lecture and lab: "Snow avalanche dynamics"
Fall, 2014ESS/Principles of Glaciology431UWGuest lecture and lab: "Snow avalanche dynamics"
Fall, 2015ESS/Principles of Glaciology431UWGuest lecture and lab: "Snow avalanche dynamics"

Awards and Honors

Award Name
Date Bestowed
Awarding Body
Brief Description
Conway Ridge, Antarctica2004US Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (ACAN); recognized by US Board of Geographic names.named in recognition of contributions to Antarctic glaciology
New Zealand Mountain Safety Award2002NZ Mountain Safety Councilgiven in recognition for (i) concern for the safety of others, (ii) sharing outdoor knowledge and experience, (iii) service to the community

Professional Talks and Presentations

2016 International Program in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) Meeting in Hobart, Tasmania Keynote Talk Holocene accumulation and ice flow near the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide (Michelle Koutnik et al.)
2015 AGU2015 San Francisco, CA Contributed Poster Examining rates of glacial erosion, exhumation, and debris evacuation over a wide range of time scales at Khumbu basin, Mt. Everest (Adam Barker et al.)
2015 AGU2015 San Francisco, CA Contributed Poster New observations of climate and ice dynamics of the East Ross, Antarctica: The first chronology for the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution ice core, West Antarctica (James Lee et al.)
2015 AGU2015 San Francisco, CA Contributed Poster Several firn core records suggest relatively stable (to slightly increasing) accumulation rates during the past two centuries over the Amundsen Sea sector of West Antarctica (Brooke Medley et al.)
2015 AGU2015 San Francisco, CA Contributed Poster Complex relationship between accumulation and temperature in West Antarctica for the past 31,000 years. (T.J. Fudge et al)
2015 TransAntarctic Mountains (TAM) Workshop Loveland, CO Contributed Talk Antarctic Ice Rises and Rumples, and news from Crary Ice Rise. (Howard Conway et al.)
2015 TransAntarctic Mountains (TAM) Workshop Loveland, CO Invited Talk East Antarctic outlet glacier dynamics: investigations of Beardmore Glacier. (Howard Conway et al.)
2015 SPICE Ice core science meeting La Jolla, CA Contributed Talk Characterization of upstream ice and firn dynamics affecting the South Pole Ice Core. (T.J. Fudge et al.)
2015 WAIS Workshop Loveland, CO Contributed Talk Holocene deglaciation of the Darwin-Hatherton glacier system and the Ross Embayment, Antarctica. (Trevor Hillebrand et al.)
2015 WAIS Workshop Loveland, CO Contributed Talk Assimilating geochronological data into ice-flow models to constrain the deglaciation of Transantarctic outlet glaciers. (Michelle Koutnik et al.)
2015 WAIS Workshop Loveland, CO Contributed Talk Amundsen Sea Coastal Domes: Targeted Holocene Ice Core Sites. (Peter Neff et al.)
2015 WAIS Workshop Loveland, CO Contributed Talk Rapid Early-Holocene Deglaciation of the Southern Ross Sea. (Perry Spector et al.)
2014 AGU2014 San Francisco, CA Invited Talk The Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) Project – Did the Ross Ice Shelf Collapse During MIS 5e? (Nancy Bertler et al.)
2014 AGU2014 San Francisco, CA Contributed Poster Flow of ice near a large melt channel in the Ross Ice Shelf. (Howard Conway et al.)
2014 WAIS Divide Ice Core Science Meeting La Jolla, CA Contributed talk WAIS Divide atmospheric temperature history and comparison to broader context: Millennial-scale variations. (Kurt Cuffey et al.)
2014 WAIS Divide Ice Core Science Meeting La Jolla, CA Contributed talk Accumulation variations for the past 31 ka derived from the WD2014 annual timescale. (T.J. Fudge et al.)
2014 GSA Meeting Vancouver, BC Late Quaternary ice elevation of Hatherton Glacier, Antarctica. (Trevor Hillebrand et al.)
2014 WAIS Workshop San Diego, CA Contributed Talk Holocene stability of the Amundsen-Ross ice divide, Central West Antarctica. (Michelle Koutnik et al.)
2014 WAIS Workshop San Diego, CA Contributed Talk Tidal flexure and associated seismic activity near the grounding zone of Beardmore Glacier. (Paul Winberry et al.)

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
April 14, 2015Public lecture in Port Angeles, WA: "Blue Glacier: Past, Present, and FutureInvited lecture at Olympic National Park. With Michelle Koutnik
2011-2015Science Advisory Board to US Ice Drilling Program OfficeChairman
2009-2010Science Advisory Board to US Ice Drilling Program OfficeMember
2004-presentInternational Glaciological SocietyWestern USA Correspondent

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

15 Peer reviewed publications over past 3 years

Peer Reviewed

Anderson, J.B., H. Conway, P.J. Bart, A.E. Witus, S.L. Greenwood, R.M. McKay, B.L. Hall, R.P. Ackert, K. Licht, and M. Jakobsson, 2014. Ross sea paleo-ice sheet drainage and deglacial history during and since the LGM. Quat. Sci. Revs., 100, 31-54,

Campbell, S., G. Balco, C. Todd, H. Conway, K. Huybers, C. Simmons and M. Vermeule, 2013. Radar-detected englacial stratigraphy in the Pensacola Mountains, Antarctica; implications for recent changes in ice flow and accumulation. Annals Glaciol., 54(63), doi: 10.3189/2013AoG63A371

Criscitiello, A.S, S.B. Das, M.J. Evans, K.E. Frey, H. Conway, I. Joughin, B. Medley and E. Steig, 2013. Ice sheet record of recent sea-ice behavior and polyna variability in the Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica. J. Geophys Res.: Oceans, 118, 118–130, doi:10.1029/2012JC008077

Fudge, T.J., H. Conway, G. Catania, D. Blankenship, K. Christianson, I. Joughin, B. Smith, S. Kempf, D. Young & S. Anandakrishnan, 2014. Flow-history of Thwaites Glacier inferred from radar-detected flow-lines and flow-bands. Annals Glaciol., 55(67), 107-114.

Fudge, T.J., E.D. Waddington, H. Conway, J. Lundin & K. Taylor, 2014. Interpolation methods for Antarctic ice-core timescales: application to Byrd, Siple Dome and Law Dome ice cores. Climate of the Past. 10, 65-104.

Fretwell. P., and 55 others, 2013. Bedmap2: improved ice bed, surface and thickness datasets for Antarctica. The Cryosphere, 7, 375-393, doi:10.5194/tc-7-375-2013.

Hall, B.L., G.H. Denton, J.O. Stone and H. Conway, 2013. History of the grounded ice sheet in the Ross Sea sector of Antarctica during the last glacial maximum and the last termination. Geol. Soc. London. Special Publications, 381,

Kingslake, J., R.C.A. Hindmarsh, G. Adalgeirsdottir, H. Conway, H.F.J. Corr, F. Gillet-Chaulet, C. Martín, E.C. King, R. Mulvaney & H.D. Pritchard, 2014. Full-depth englacial vertical ice-sheet velocities measured using phase-sensitive radar. J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 119, doi:10.1002/2014JF003275.

MacGregor, J., G.A. Catania, H. Conway, D.M.Schroeder, I. Joughin, D.A. Young, S.D. Kempf and D.D. Blankenship. 2013. Weak bed control of the eastern shear margin of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica. J. Glaciol. 59(217) 900-912, doi: 10.3189/2013JoG13J050

Matsuoka, K, and 19 others (including H. Conway), 2015. Antarctic ice rises and rumples: Their properties and significance for ice-sheet dynamics and evolution. Earth Sci. Revs. 150, 724-745.

Medley, B., I. Joughin, B.E. Smith, S.B. Das, E.J. Steig, H. Conway, S. Gogineni, C. Lewis, A.S. Criscitiello, J.R. McConnell, M.R. van den Broeke, J.T.M. Lenaerts, D.H. Bromwich, J.P. Nicolas and C. Leuschen, 2014. Constraining the recent mass balance of Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers, West Antarctica with airborne observations of snow accumulation. Cryosphere, 8, 1375-1392, doi:10.5194/tc-8-1375-2014.

Medley, B., I. Joughin, S.B. Das, E.J. Steig, H. Conway, S. Gogineni, A.S. Criscitiello, J.R. McConnell, B.E. Smith, M.R. van den Broeke, J.T.M. Lenaerts, D.H. Bromwich and J.P. Nicolas, 2013. Airborne-radar and ice-core observations of annual snow accumulation over Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica confirm the spatio-temporal variability of global and regional atmospheric models. Geophys. Res. Letts. doi: 10.1002/grl.50706

RAISED Consortium (including H. Conway), 2014. A community-based geological reconstruction of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglaciation since the Last Glacial Maximum. Quat. Sci. Revs. 100, 1-9, doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2014.06.025.

WAIS Divide Project Members (Including H. Conway), 2013. Onset of deglacial warming in West Antarctica driven by local orbital forcing. Nature. 500, 440-444, doi:10.1038/nature12376

WAIS Divide Project Members (including H. Conway), 2015. Precise interhemispheric phasing of abrupt climate change during the last ice age Nature.

Current Research Interests

My research focuses on observing and modeling physical processes in the cryosphere. In particular, I study the behavior of snow and ice masses and their responses to the environment. My research is interdisciplinary. On-going research includes:
1. Flow history and stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Recent measurements show that parts of the West Antarctic ice sheet are now undergoing rapid and dramatic change, but it is not clear whether the changes are manifestations of natural short-term variability or impending collapse. Our ongoing NSF-funded studies use geophysical methods and models to infer the flow history of the ice sheet. Recent studies include: "Glacial history of the Ross Sea Embayment: constraints from the Eastern Ross Sea", "East Antarctic Outlet Glacier Dynamics: Investigations of Beardmore Glacier", and "Grounding-line dynamics; Crary Ice Rise revisited"

2. Climate-glacier interactions
Glacier records contain a non-linear transformation of climate. My research is directed toward understanding climate-glacier interactions with the goal of using the glacier record to interpret patterns of past climate, useful for predicting future response. Collaborating colleagues are from University of Alaska, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Nagoya University (Japan), Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, and Universidad de Magallanes (Chile).

3. Timing, size and impact of snow avalanches
Snow avalanches have a major impact on society, primarily through indirect costs associated with mitigation, litigation, insurance, and loss of both travel and business opportunities. Over the past decade my students and I have worked with avalanche technicians at Snoqualmie Pass (Washington State) and the Milford Road in New Zealand to improve predictions of the timing of avalanche release.

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