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Bernard Evans

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Roebling Medal2008Min Soc AmericaCareer work in Mineralogy/Petrology

Professional Talks and Presentations

Oct 2009GSAAnnual MtgCpostergot deleted by mistake
Oct 2009Columbia U/ Nat Hist Mus NYIITalk on Serpentites
Jan 2010UBC VancouverIIditto
2011Talk at Fresno State University Dept of GeologyITalk on B.Tuff & Serps
Aug 2012Int. Conf. "Serpentine Days" S.FranceKeynote addressIntro. Talk
Oct 2014GSAAnnual Mtg VancouverCtalkOlivine as a product of serpentinization of Duluth complex peridotite

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Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Since retirement (2001)
Evans, B.W., Ghiorso, M.S., Yang, H. and Medenbach, O., 2001. "Thermodynamics of the amphiboles: Anthophyllite-ferroanthophyllite and the ortho-clino phase loop". Amer. Mineral., 86:640-651.
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Evans, B.W., Kuehner, S.M., Joswiak, D.J. and Cressey, G., submitted April 2016, “Serpentine, iron-rich phyllosilicates and fayalite produced by hydration and Mg-depletion of peridotite, Duluth complex, Minnesota.” Journal of Petrology

Current Research Interests

Serpentinite mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry. Especially on samples from layered mafic intrusions, e.g. Duluth Complex, MN, Skaergaard intrusion, Greenland.
Petrology and mineralogy of hisingerite

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