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Michelle Koutnik- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
Winter 2015ESS595C211
Spring 2015ESS595C27
Fall 2015ESS5902530%Gerard Roe / Jamie Schulmeister

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
21 October 2013Arctic as Emerging Global RegionJSISOSB 425Lecture "Changes in Greenland Ice Sheet", panel participant, weekly course participant (2 hours per week for 6 weeks)
10 April 2014Rocks-n-StarsESS 495JHN 102Guest lecture "Ice on Mars"
22 October 2014Principles of GlaciologyESS 431JHN 026Guest lecture "Glacier transients"
28 October 2015Principles of GlaciologyESS 431JHN 022Guest lecture, "Glacier transients"
10 November 2015Introduction to ESS ResearchESS 599JHN 022"Glaciology in ESS"
24 February 2016Glaciers and Global ChangeESS 203JHN 022Guest lecture, "Glaciers and climate change"

Professional Talks and Presentations

8 May 2013Centre for Ice and Climate, Copenhagen, DenmarkWorkshop on Radio Echo Sounding in ice sheets in Copenhagen, DenmarkInvitedTalkImprint of climate and ice-flow transients on internal layers from the ice-sheet interior
24-25 September 2013WAIS Divide ice core science meetingConference in La Jolla, CAContributedPosterConstraints on the WAIS Divide thinning function from ice-flow modeling (author list: Michelle Koutnik, T.J. Fudge, Ed Waddington, Howard Conway, and Jessica Lundin)
24-25 September 2013WAIS Divide ice core science meetingConference in La Jolla, CAContributedTalkSurface Temperature and Geothermal Flux at WAIS Divide: Revisited (author list: Kurt Cuffey, Gary Clow, TJ Fudge, Eric Steig, Ed Waddington, Richard Alley, Michelle Koutnik, and Christo Buizert)
29 September - 2 October 2013WAIS WorkshopConference in Sterling, VAContributedPosterHistories of accumulation, ice thickness, and ice-divide position from Central West Antarctica (author list: Michelle Koutnik, Ed Waddington, Tom Neumann, Howard Conway, T.J. Fudge)
19 October 2013Northwest Glaciologist's MeetingConference in Vancouver, BC, CanadaContributedTalkConsidering the ice-flow context necessary near ice-core sites
22-24 May 2014Joint model-data workshop for the Late Pleistocene evolution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheetsWorkshop in Grenoble FranceContributedAttendee
27 May 2014International Glaciology Society meeting on Ice Sheets and Sea-Level RiseConference Chamonix, FranceContributedPosterResponse of interior ice to changes near the ice-sheet margin (Michelle Koutnik, Ed Waddington, Howard Conway)
22-23 September 2014West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core Science MeetingConference La Jolla, CAContributedTalkWAIS Divide atmospheric temperature history and comparison to broader context: Millennial-scale variations (author list: Kurt Cuffey, Gary Clow, Christo Buizert, T.J. Fudge, Eric Steig, Michelle Koutnik, Ed Waddington, Richard Alley, Jeff Severinghaus, Anais Orsi)
22-23 September 2014West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core Science MeetingConference La Jolla, CAContributedTalkAccumulation variations for the past 31 ka derived from the WD2014 annual timescale (author list: T.J. Fudge, Michelle Koutnik, Eric Steig, Brad Markle, Ed Waddington, Howard Conway, Kurt Cuffey, Christo Buizert)
24-27 September 2014West Antarctic Ice Sheet WorkshopConference San Diego, CAContributedTalkHolocene stability of the Amundsen-Ross ice divide, Central West Antarctica? (author list: Michelle Koutnik, T.J. Fudge, Howard Conway, Ed Waddington, Thomas Neumann)
24-27 September 2014West Antarctic Ice Sheet WorkshopConference San Diego, CAContributedTalkTidal flexure and associated seismic activity near the grounding zone of Beardmore Glacier (author list: Paul Winberry, Howard Conway, Michelle Koutnik, Max Stevens)
15 - 19 December 2014American Geophysical Union meetingConference San Francisco, CAContributedPosterFlow of ice near a large melt channel in the Ross Ice Shelf (author list: H. Conway, R.C.A. Hindmarsh, M. Koutnik, M. Stevens, P. Winberry)
19-22 October 2014Geological Society of America meetingConference Vancouver, BCContributedPosterLate Quaternary ice elevation of Hatherton Glacier, Antarctica (author list: Trevor Hillebrand, John Stone, Brenda Hall, Courtney King, Howard Conway, Michelle Koutnik)
22-23 September 2015West Antarctic Ice Sheet ice core science meetingConference La Jolla, CAContributedTalkCharacterization of upstream ice and firn dynamics affecting the South Pole Ice Core (author list: Fudge, T.J., M. Koutnik, H. Conway, E. Waddington, M. Stevens, B. Hawley, E. Osterberg, M. Albert)
16-19 September 2015Transantarctic Mountains Science meetingConference Loveland, COContributedTalk“East Antarctic Outlet Glacier Dynamics: Investigations of Beardmore Glacier” (author list: H. Conway, P. Winberry, M. Koutnik, R. Hindmarsh, K. Christianson, M. Stevens)
16-19 September 2015West Antarctic Ice Sheet WorkshopConference Loveland, COContributedTalkHolocene deglaciation of the Darwin-Hatherton glacier system and the Ross Embayment, Antarctica (author list: T. Hillebrand, J. Stone, B. Hall, C. King, H. Conway, M. Koutnik)
16-19 September 2015West Antarctic Ice Sheet WorkshopConference Loveland, COContributedPoster“Assimilating geochronological data into ice-flow models to constrain the deglaciation of Transantarctic outlet glaciers” (author list: M. Koutnik, H. Conway, T. Hillebrand, J. Stone, P. Spector, B. Hall, C. King)
12-16 December 2015AGUConference San Francisco, CAContributedTalkIdentifying dynamically induced variability in glacial mass-balance records (author list: J. Christian, N. Siler, M. Koutnik, and G. Roe)
12-16 December 2015AGUConference San Francisco, CAContributedTalkComplex relationship between accumulation and temperature in West Antarctica for the past 31,000 years (author list: T.J. Fudge, K. Cuffey, C. Buizert, B. Markle, K. Taylor, E. Steig, E. Waddington, H. Conway, M. Koutnik)
21-25 March 2016Lunar and Planetary Science meetingConference Woodlands, TXContributedPosterInfluence of debris cover on glacier-surface evolution (author list: M. Koutnik, A. Pathare, C. Todd, and E. Waddington)
21-25 March 2016Lunar and Planetary Science meetingConference Woodlands, TXContributedPosterGlacial flow time scales of Martian lobate debris aprons in Eastern Hellas (author list: A. Pathare, D. Berman, D. Crown, E. Joseph, F. Chuang, M. Koutnik)
21-25 March 2016Lunar and Planetary Science meetingConference Woodlands, TXContributedPosterEstimating oxygen flux into subglacial lake Vostok, Antarctica, using the relationship between temperature and englacial radar attenuation (author list: P. Kinter, D. Winebrenner, M. Koutnik, K. Matsuoka, J. MacGregor)
7-11 March 2016International Program in Ice Core Sciences meetingConference Hobart, TasmaniaKeynoteTalkHolocene accumulation and ice flow near the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice-core site (author list: M. Koutnik, T.J. Fudge, H. Conway, E. Waddington, T. Neumann, K. Cuffey, C. Buizert, K. Taylor)
10 February 2016University of OregonGeological Sciences department seminarInvitedtalkUnraveling climate and ice flow histories across Greenland and Antarctica

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
25 April 2013Meet the Scientists: A discussion on climate change", UW Student Association for Green EnvironmentalistsPanel participant for evening public event
July 2013Meeting and corresponding with Jeff Renner from King 5 News about upcoming segment on local glacier change
2013-presentInternational Glaciological SocietyMember
October 2013Climate Impacts Group (contact: Guillaume Mauger)Correspondence about local-glacier related questions
5-6 September 2013Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference, Portland, ORAttended this meeting to provide perspective on local-glacier change and make local research connections
23-24 October 2014Science Communication TrainingInvited participant, hosted by the UW College of the Environment
12 April 2014Earth and Space Sciences Family DayExhibit participant at outreach event
7-9 March 2014Polar Science Weekend at Pacific Science CenterExhibit participant at outreach event
August 2014Partners in the Park course at Mt. RainierGuest speaker and contributor to outdoor education course
22-24 January 2014Crane junior high school, Santa Barbara, CAGuest lectures to three classes about Antarctic field research
June - September 2014Mentor for Seattle Pacific Science Center's Discovery Corps programMentored a high school student in three months of independent research, including a one-week backpacking trip for field work on Blue Glacier
10 February 2015Seattle Academy high schoolGuest lecture about glacier change in Washington state
28 February 2015Polar Science Weekend at Pacific Science CenterExhibit participant at outreach event
14 April 2015Public lecture in Port Angeles, WA: "Blue Glacier: Past, Present, Future"Contributed to talk led by Howard Conway
14-15 August 2015Partners in the Park course at Mt. RainierGuest speaker and contributor to outdoor education course
14 January 2016Antarctic Sun news publicationInterview for upcoming article about Antarctic ice cores
15 February 2016Exchange with science writer for EosInterviewed and provided comment on recent paper
2 March 2016UW TodayInterview for upcoming article about Antarctic ice cores
6 March 2016Ice Core Young Scientists meetingInvited panelist for future of ice core science and led discussion on funding for early career researchers (all-day event)

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Rupper, S., W. R. Christensen, B. R. Bickmore, L. Burgener, L. S. Koenig, M.R. Koutnik, C. Miege, R. Forster, 2015. The effects of dating uncertainties on net accumulation estimates from firn cores. Journal of Glaciology 61(225), 163-172.

Koutnik, M.R. 2014. "Softened craters", entry in Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms, Springer, Editors: H. Hargitai and A. Kereszturi.

NEEM Community Members (including M.R. Koutnik). 2013. Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a Greenland folded NEEM ice core strata. Nature 493, 489-494.

Burgener, L., S. Rupper, L. Koenig, R. Forster, W. Christensen, J. Williams, M.R. Koutnik, C. Miége, E. Steig. 2013. An observed negative trend in West Antarctic accumulation rates from 1975 to 2010: evidence from new observed and simulated records. Journal of Geophysical Research 118, doi:10.1002/jgrd.50362.

Koutnik, M.R., E.D. Waddington, D.P. Winebrenner, and A.V. Pathare. 2013. Response timescales for Martian ice masses and implications for ice flow on Mars. Icarus 225, 949-959.

McBride, J., S. Rupper, S. Ritter, D. Tingey, M.R. Koutnik, A Quick, T. Morris, R. Keach, II, L. Burgener, A. McKean, J. Williams, J. Maurer, D. Keeler, R. Windell. 2012. Relationship between wave ogives and radar scattering in an alpine glacier. Geosphere 8 (5), 1054-1077.

Koutnik, M.R. and E.D. Waddington. 2012. Well-posed boundary conditions for limited-domain models of transient ice flow near an ice divide. Journal of Glaciology 58 (211), 1008-1020.

Current Research Interests

My research interests broadly include ice evolution of Greenland and Antarctica, ice-flow history in the vicinity of ice-core sites, Martian climate history and flow history of ice masses on Mars, and the dynamics of glacier change. I am interested in how ice-core history interpreted from ice cores that are on the flank of modern ice divides are affected by upstream conditions such as accumulation gradients, divide migration, and ice thickness changes. Two prominent locations where the ice core was drilled off the modern divide are the Central West Antarctic Divide ice core and the GISP2 core from Summit, Greenland; I am working with data from both sites. Related to this, I am continuing work on an inverse problem to infer histories of accumulation rate, ice thickness, and divide position from internal layers in the ice-sheet interior in the vicinity of ice-core sites. Recent research also includes understanding controls on the flow and evolution of Transantarctic outlet glaciers that deliver East Antarctic ice through the Transantarctic Mountains into the Ross Sea. Recent field work on Beardmore Glacier is part of this project, but my role also includes modeling specific glaciers and sensitivity studies of general outlet glacier behavior.

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