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UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
13Apr2011ESS205campuslecture/Amplifiers and negative feedback
11May2011ESS205campuslecture/Climate change and positive feedback
11Apr2012ESS205campuslecture/Amplifiers and negative feedback
09May2012ESS205campuslecture/Climate change and positive feedback
17Apr2013ESS205campuslecture/Amplifiers and negative feedback
15May2013ESS205campuslecture/Climate change and positive feedback
13&18Nov2013ESS472campuslecture/microcontroller circuits
16Apr2014ESS205campuslecture/amplifiers and negative feedback
14May2014ESS205campuslecture/Climate change and positive feedback

Professional Talks and Presentations

22Jan2012NSFSunday science lecture at South Pole stationInvitedLectureGlobal Long-Term Study of Mesospheric and Lower Thermospheric Temperatures
10Dec2013American Geophysical UnionFall meetingContributedtalkTemporal Characteristics of Impulsive Electron Precipitation Associated with Thunderstorm Activity
16Dec2014American Geophysical UnionFall MeetingContributedposterThe Relation between Lightning and Isolated Impulsive >30keV Electron Precipitation
15Aug2014International Union of Radio Science (URSI)General Assembly meetingInvitedtalkRadiation belt losses observed from multiple stratospheric balloons over Antarctica

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Jacobson, A. R., R. H. Holzworth, M. P. McCarthy, and R. F. Pfaff, "Initial Studies with the Lightning Detector on the C/NOFS Satellite, and Cross Validation with WWLLN'', J. Atm. Ocean. Tech.}, vol 28, pp 1423--1435, doi:10.1175/JTECH-D-11-00047.1, peer reviewed, 2011.

Holzworth, R. H., M. P. McCarthy, R. F. Pfaff, A. R. Jacobson, W. L. Willcockson, and D. E. Rowland, "Lightning-generated whistler waves observed by probes on the Communication/Navigation Outage Forecast System satellite at low latitudes'', J. Geophys. Res., vol 116, doi:10.1029/2010JA016198, peer reviewed, 2011.

Hernandez, G. and M. P. McCarthy, "Long-term instrumental parameter investigation of a Fabry-Perot
spectrometer at an isolated field station'', App. Opt., vol 50, pp 1951--1957, peer reviewed, 2011.

Jacobson, A. R., R. H. Holzworth, R. F. Pfaff, and M. P. McCarthy, "Study of oblique whistlers in the low-latitude ionosphere, jointly with the C/NOFS satellite and the World-Wide Lightning Location Network'',
Ann. Geophys., vol 29, pp 851--863, doi:10.5194/angeo-29-851-2011, peer reviewed, 2011.

Parks, G. K., E. Lee, M. McCarthy, M. Goldstein, S. Y. Fu, J. B. Cao, P. Canu, N. Lin, M. Wilber, I. Dandouras, H. Reme, and A. Fazakerley, "Entropy Generation across Earth's Collisionless Bow Shock'', Phys. Rev. Lett., vol 108, doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.061102, peer reviewed, 2012.

Kokorowski, M., A. Seppala, J. G. Sample, R. H. Holzworth, M. P. McCarthy, E. A. Bering, E. Turunen, "Atmosphere-ionosphere conductivity enhancements during a hard solar energetic particle event", J. Geophys. Res. Space, vol 117, doi:10.1029/2011JA017363, peer reviewed 2012.

Lee, J. J., G. K. Parks, E. Lee, B. T. Tsurutani, J. Hwang, K. S. Cho, K. H. Kim, Y. D. Park, K. W. Min, M. P. McCarthy, "Anisotropic pitch angle distribution of similar to 100 keV microburst electrons in the loss cone: measurements from STSAT-1", Ann. Geophys., vol 30, doi:10.5194/angeo-3001567-2012, peer-reviewed, 2012.

Parks, G. K., J. J. Lee, E. S. Lee, J. Sample, M. McCarthy, "Precipitation of Relativistic Electrons'', SPACE WEATHER: THE SPACE RADIATION ENVIRONMENT, 11th Annual International Astrophysics Conference, 19-23 March 2012, AIP Conf. Proc., vol 1500, doi:10.1063/1.4768768, peer reviewed, 2012.

Millan, R.M., M. P. McCarthy, J. G. Sample, D. M. Smith, L. D. Thompson, D. G. McGaw, L. A. Woodger, J. G. Hewitt, M. D. Comess, K. B. Yando, A. X. Liang, B. A. Anderson, N. R. Knezek, W. Z. Rexroad, J. M. Scheiman, G. S. Bowers, A. J. Halford, A. B. Collier, M. A. Clilverd, R. P. Lin, and M. K. Hudson, "The Balloon Array for RBSP Relativistic Electron Losses (BARREL)", Space Sci. Rev., doi 10.1007/s11214-013-9971-z, peer reviewed, 2013.

Burkholder, B. S., M. L. Hutchins, M. P. McCarthy, R. F. Pfaff, and R. H. Holzworth,"Attenuation of lightning-produced sferics in
the Earth-ionosphere waveguide and low-latitude ionosphere", J. Geophys. Res. Space, vol 118, pp 3692--3699, doi:10.1002/jgra.50351, peer-reviewed, 2013.

Parks, G. K., E. Lee, N. Lin, S. Y. Fu, M. McCarthy, J. B. Cao, J. Hong, Y. Liu, J. K. Shi, M. L. Goldstein, P. Canu, I. Dandouras, and H. Reme, "Reinterpretation of slowdown of solar wind mean velocity in nonlinear structures observed upstream of earth's bow shock", Ap. J. Lett., vol 771:L39, doi:10.1088/2041-8205/771/2/L39, peer-reviewd, 2013.

Current Research Interests

space plasma physics

loss processes of radiation belt electrons to Earth's upper atmosphere

vertical winds in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere

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