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Gerard Roe- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
Spring 13ESS310525100%
Fall 13ESS314523100%
Spring 13ESS310513100%
Fall 14ESS59025100%
Winter 15ESS514/41435100%
Spring 15ESS310515100%
Fall 15ESS590210100%
Winter 16ESS414/514310100%
Spring 16ESS310522100%

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
Nov, 2014ESS431JHNGuest lectures
Nov 2015ESS431JHNGuest lectures

Professional Talks and Presentations

March 2016Georgia Inst. of Tech.EAS seminarITalkA formal attribution of glacier retreat to climate variability
March 2016MITMASS seminarITalkA formal attribution of glacier retreat to climate variability
August 2015Michigan Field CampSummer schoolITalksLectures on climate and tectonics
April 2015Atmospheric SciencesDynamics seminarITalksGlacier variability and the global mass-balance inventory
April 2015BYUDepartment colloquiumITalkLittle ice age
February 2015CaltechAtmospheric sciences seminarITalkRegional climate predictability
February 2015CaltechDivision colloquiumITalkNatural variability of glaciers
December 2014American Geophysical UnionFall meetingITalkRegional climate predicatability
November 2014National Center for Atmospheric ResearchSeminarITalkHumpty Dumpty and regional climate predictability
November 2014Institute for Arctic and Alpine ResearchSeminarITalkNatural variability of glaciers
Summer 2014WHOISummer School in Geophyiscal Fluid DynamicsITalkClimate feedbacks and regional circulation
July 2014U BergenAdvanced Climate Dynamics Summmer SchoolITalksClimate variability, glacier response
February 2014Columbia UniversityDept. SeminarITalkHumpty Dumpty and regional climate predictability
February 2014MITLorenz center workshop on water in the environmentITalkRegional feedbacks and regional predictability
Nov 2013MITMASS SeminarITalkHumpty Dumpty and regional climate feedbacks
Nov 2013MITOcean seminarITalkThe natural variability of glaciers.
June, 2013NSFHimalaya-Karakoram-Tibet WorkshopITalkThe influence of Tibet on Asian climate
Dec, 2012American Geophysical UnionFall meetingITalkThe case for regional feedbacks
Dec, 2012America Geophysical UnionFall meetingITalkKnowability and no ability in climate projections
May, 2012Quaternary Research CenterLoess workshop, WaITalkOn the interpretation of Chinese Loess.
April, 2012European Geophysical UnionAnnual Meeting, ViennaITalkGlacier long profiles in regions of active uplift, and their role in orogen dynamics.
April, 2012European Geophysical UnionAnnual Meeting, ViennaCTalkThe natural variability of glaciers.
March, 2012Hebrew U. JerusalemConference, Ein Gedy IsraelITalkThe natural variability of glaciers.
March, 2012Hebrew U. JerusalemConference, Ein Gedy IsraelITalkThe climate of Asia and Tibet and its relationship to paleoclimate proxies.
December, 2011AGUAnnual Meeting San FranciscoITalkWhat do glaciers tell us about climate variability and climate change?
July, 2011International Association of Cryospheric Sciences,Annual meeting, MelbourneITalkWhat do glaciers tell is about climate variability and climate change?
June, 2011Internation Continental Drilling ProjectWorkshop, Lake Issy-kul, KyrgyzstanITalkThe climate of Central Asia
May, 2011Stokholm Univ., Dept Meteor.Dept. SeminarITalkWas there a little ice age?
January, 2011Imperial College LondonDept. SeminarITalkKnowability and no ability in climate projections
January, 2011University College, LondonDept. SeminarITalkWas there a little ice age?
November, 2010Environmental Protection AgencyClimate Damages WorkshopITalkKnowability and no ability in climate projections.
October, 2010Graduate Climate Conference-ITalkKeynote speaker
October, 2010YaleDirections in Crustal Geosciences WorkshopITalkGeodynamics principles, not first principals are the principal route to progress.
June, 2010NSFHimalaya-Karakoram-Tibet WorkshopITalkClimate over Asia and Tibet, not just a simple monsoon.
May, 2010AIChESustainability InstituteITalkClimate change: certainties and uncertainties.
March, 2010Penn State UniversityEarth Science department colloquiumITalkWas there a little ice age?
December, 2009UC BerkeleyGilbert ClubITalkThe tectonic governor and the downsizing of the Alps.
December, 2009AGUFall MeetingITalkThe interpretation of Chinese loess as a paleoclimate proxy.
December, 2009AGUFall MeetingITalkNotes on a catastrophe: the descent into a snowball Earth.
October, 2009Brown UniversityGeology department colloquiumITalkThe shape of things to come: what are the potentials and potential limits to global climate predictions?
May, 2009University of DelawareGeography Dept colloquiumITalkThe shape of things to come: what are the potentials and potential limits to global climate predictions?

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
In June 2009, I oversaw and managed a Program on the Environment project that briefed Bellevue city council on a community action plan for the reduction of greenhouse gases.
In May 2010, I gave a public lecture to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers on climate change.

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Roe, G.H., Q. Ding, and D.S. Battisti, P. Molnar, M.K. Clark, and C.N. Garzione, 2016: The response of Asian summertime climate to the largest geologic changes of the past 50 Ma. Accepted, J.G.R.

Roe, G.H., and M.B. Baker, 2016: The response of glaciers to climatic persistence. In press, J. Glaciology.

Huybers, K.M., S.B. Rupper, and G.H. Roe, 2015: Lake level response to natural and forced variability, a case study of Great Salt Lake. Climate Dynamics. 10.1007/s00382-015-2798-4.

Dilmen, D.I., V.V. Titov, and G.H. Roe, 2015: Evaluation of the relationship between coral damage and tsunami dynamics; a case study for the 2009 Samoa Tsunami. Pure and Appl. Geophys., DOI 10.1007/s00024-015-1158-y.

Roe, G.H., N. Feldl, K.C. Armour, Y.-T. Hwang, and D.M.W. Frierson, 2015: Regional climate predictability from regional feedbacks. Nature Geoscience, doi:10.1038/ngeo2346.

Battisti, D.S, Q. Ding, and G.H. Roe, 2014: A coherent pan-Asian climate and isotopic response to precessional forcing. J. Geophys. Res., 119(21), 11,997-12,020.

Roe., G.H., and M.B. Baker, 2014: Glacier response to climate perturbations: an accurate linear geometric model. J. Glaciology, 60, 670-684.

Siler, N., and G.H. Roe, 2014: How will orographic precipitation respond to surface warming? An idealized thermodynamic perspective. Geophys. Res. Lett. DOI: 10.1002/2013GL059095.

Feldl, N., D.M.W. Frierson, and G.H. Roe, 2014: The influence of regional feedbacks on circulation sensitivity. Geophys. Res. Lett., 41, doi:10.1002/2014GL059336.

Anderson, L.S., G.H. Roe, and R.S. Anderson, 2014: The effects of interannual climate variability on paleoclimate estimates derived from glacial moraines. Geology, 42, 55-58.

Steiger, N.J., G.J. Hakim, E.J. Steig, D.S. Battisti, and G.H. Roe, 2014: Assimilation of time-averaged pseudoproxies for climate reconstruction, Journal of Climate, 27, 426-441.

Burke, E.E., and G.H. Roe, 2014: The persistence of memory in the climatic forcing of glaciers, Climate Dynamics, DOI 10.1007/s00382-013-1758-0.

Roe, G.H., 2013: Costing the Earth: a numbers game, or a moral imperative? Weather, Climate, and Society, 5, 378-380.

Feldl, N. and G.H. Roe, 2013: The nonlinear and nonlocal nature of climate feedbacks. Journal of Climate, 26, 8289–8304.

Armour, K.C., C.M. Bitz, and G.H. Roe, 2013: Time-varying climate sensitivity from regional feedbacks. Journal of Climate, 26, 4518-4534.

Feldl, N. and G.H. Roe, 2013: Four perspectives on climate feedbacks. Geophys. Res. Lett., 40, 4007–4011, doi:10.1002/grl.50711,

Penny, S.M., G.H. Roe, and D.S. Battisti, 2013: Interannual variability of the Pacific storm track. Journal of Climate, 23, 634-648.

Yuan, D.-Y., Ge, W.-P., Chen, Z.-W., Li, C.-Y., Wang, Z.-C., Zhang, H.-P., Zhang, P.-Z., Zheng, D.-W., Zheng, W.-J., Craddock, W.H., Dayem, K.E., Duvall, A.R., Hough, B.G., Lease, R.O., Champagnac, J.-D., Burbank, D.W., Clark, M.K., Farley, K.A., Garzione, C.N., Kirby, E., Molnar, P., and Roe, G.H., 2013, The growth of northeastern Tibet and its relevance to large-scale continental geodynamics: A review of recent studies: Tectonics, 32, 1358-1370

Roe, G.H., and Y. Bauman, 2013: Should the climate tail wag the policy dog? Climatic Change, doi:10.1007/s10584-012-0582-6.

Current Research Interests

Climate and atmospheric dynamics, Global and regional climate predictability, Paleoclimate, Glaciology, Geomorphology, Geodynamics

Current C.V. URL

In the News

Our recent paper in Nature Geosciences was picked up in a few news sites. (Jan, 2015)

Recent research was mentioned in the Economist in a story on climate change. (Mar 30th 2013)

A paper with Kyle Armour on climate commitment (in GRL) generated several press stories (reported in Nature, and several others) in late 2011.