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John Stone- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
Aut 2015ESS21159750%Darrel Cowan
Win 2016ESS460-56033100%
Win 2016ESS56032100%
Spr 2016ESS34537100%
Spr 2016ESS490E (445)45100%

Professional Talks and Presentations

Nov 2013University of HoustonAntarctic Geologic Drilling WorkshopInvitedTalkCosmogenic nuclides in subglacial bedrock - A test for interglacial ice-sheet collapse
May 2013Scripps Institution of OceanographyDevendra Lal Memorial SymposiumInvitedTalkChlorine-36 in seawater
May 2014PALEOICE2014 (Grenoble)PALEOICE Greenland-Antarctic ice sheet workshopInvitedTalkDeglaciation of the Ross Sea Embayment, Antarctica
September 2014West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) initiativeWAIS annual workshopContributedPosterLate Quaternary deposits and glacial history of Hatherton Glacier, Antarctica
October 2014Geological Society of AmericaAnnual meeting, Vancouver BCInvitedTalkExposure Dating and Antarctic Glacial History (Note - unable to attend the meeting, but talk was presented by student Perry Spector)
September 2015Transantarctic Mountains Science meetingTransantarctic Mountains Science Working GroupInvitedTalkCosmogenic Nuclides Beyond the Last Antarctic Glacial Maximum
June 2016Central Washington UniversityDepartmental seminarInvitedTalkMillion-year history of Antarctic glaciation

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
Nov 2015Crary Laboratory, McMurdo, AntarcticaWednesday Science Lecture, McMurdo, Antarctica - Million-year history of Antarctic glaciation
June 2016Ice-Age Floods Institute, Ellensburg ChapterPublic Lecture - Dating the Missoula Floods with Cosmic Rays, Rock Hammer and a Particle Accelerator

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Borchers, B., Marrero, S., Balco, G., Caffee, M., Goehring, B., Lifton, N., Nishiizumi, K., Phillips, F., Schaefer, J. and Stone, J. (2016) Geological calibration of spallation production rates in the CRONUS-Earth project. Quaternary Geochronology 31, 188-198.
Phillips, F.M., Kelly, M.A., Hudson, A.M., Stone, J.O., Schaefer, J., Marrero, S.M., Fifield, L.K., Finkel, R. and Lowell, T. (2016) CRONUS-Earth calibration samples from the Huancané II moraines, Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru. Quaternary Geochronology 31, 220-236.
Argento, D. C., Stone, J. O., Reedy, R. C., and O'Brien, K. (2015) Physics-based modeling of cosmogenic nuclides part I – radiation transport methods and new insights. Quaternary Geochronology, 26, 29-43.
Argento, D. C., Stone, J. O., Reedy, R. C., and O'Brien, K. (2015) Physics-based modeling of cosmogenic nuclides part II–Key aspects of in-situ cosmogenic nuclide production. Quaternary Geochronology, 26, 44-55.
Lifton, N., Caffee, M., Finkel, R., Marrero, S., Nishiizumi, K., Phillips, F.M., Goehring, B., Gosse, J., Stone, J., Schaefer, J. and Theriault, B. (2015) In situ cosmogenic nuclide production rate calibration for the CRONUS-Earth Project from Lake Bonneville, Utah, shoreline features. Quaternary Geochronology, 26, 56-69.
Liu, L., Sletten, R.S., Hagedorn, B., Hallet, B., McKay, C.P. and Stone, J.O. (2015) An enhanced model of the contemporary and long-term (200 ka) sublimation of the massive subsurface ice in Beacon Valley, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 120, 1596-1610.
Balco, G., Stone, J. O., Sliwinski, M., & Todd, C. (2014) Features of the glacial history of the Transantarctic Mountains inferred from cosmogenic Al-26, Be-10 and Ne-21 concentrations in bedrock surfaces. Antarctic Science, 26, 708-723.
Ballantyne C.K. and Stone J.O. (2014) Trimlines, blockfields and the vertical extent of the last ice sheet in southern Ireland. Boreas 44, 277–287.
Ballantyne C. K., Sandeman G. F., Stone J. O. and Wilson P. (2014) Rock-slope failure following Late Pleistocene deglaciation on tectonically stable mountainous terrain. Quaternary Science Reviews., 86, 144-157.
Anderson J. B., Conway H., Bart P. J., Witus A. E., Greenwood S. L., McKay R. M., Hall B.L., Ackert R.P., Licht K., Jakobsson M. and Stone, J. O. (2013) Ross Sea paleo-ice sheet drainage and deglacial history during and since the LGM. Quaternary Science Reviews.
Argento, D. C., Reedy, R. C. and Stone, J. O. Modeling the Earth’s Cosmic Radiation. (2013) Nuclear Instruments and Methods B, 294, 464-469.
Balco G., Finnegan N.J., Gendaszek A., Stone J.O. and Thompson N. (2013) Erosional response to northward-propagating crustal thickening in the coastal ranges of the U.S. Pacific Northwest. American Journal of Science 313, 790-806.
Ballantyne C.K. and Stone J.O. (2013) Timing and periodicity of paraglacial rock-slope failures in the Scottish Highlands. Geomorphology 186, 150-161.

Current Research Interests

Quaternary geology, geomorphology, geochronology, Antarctic glaciation, cosmogenic isotope geochemistry

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