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Terry Swanson- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
Su D 14ESS1015.022100
Au 14ESS1015.0356100
Au 14ESS3025.07100
Au 14ESS4335.020100
Au 14ESS5902.07100
Wi 15ESS1015.0366100
Wi 15ESS/ENVIR315/3135.047100
Wi 15ESS490E2.0750
Sp 15ESS1015.0452100
Sp 15ESS490B2.0750
Su A 15ESS1015.024100
Su B 15ESS1015.015100
Su C 15ESS1015.016100
Su D 15ESS1015.021100
Au 15ESS1015.0380100
Au 15ESS302/4335.019100
Au 15ESS5902.03100
Au 15ESS490A2.0350
Wi 16ESS1015.0422100
Wi 16ESS3155.027100
Wi 16ESS490B2.0350
Sp 16ESS1015.0517100
Sp 16ESS490B2.0450
Su A 16ESS1015.014100
Su B 16ESS1015.019100
Su C 16ESS1015.021100
Su D 16ESS1015.09100
Au 16ESS1015.0313100
Au 16ESS302/4335.026100
Au 16ESS5902.06100
Au 16ESS490A2.0850
Wi 17ESS1015.0383100
Wi 17ESS/ENVIR315/3135.026100
Wi 17ESS490E2.0150
Sp 17ESS1015.0384100
Sp 17ESS490E2.0650

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
Type of Instruction / Title of Talk
April 27 2017ESS307Jhn 022Diversity Outreach/Engagement of student interest to STEM

Awards and Honors

Award Name
Date Bestowed
Awarding Body
Brief Description
Excellence in TeachingMay 2004Department of ESSTeaching Excellence (departmental-wide)
Excellence in Teaching AwardMay 2007Intrafraternity CouncilTeaching Excellence (campus-wide)
Excellence in Teaching AwardMay 2007Panhellenic AssociationTeaching Excellence (campus-wide)
Distinguished Teaching AwardApr. 2007UW Undergraduate CollegeTeaching Excellence (campus-wide). Inducted into the UW Teaching Academy.
Dean's Letter of Recognition for Teaching ExcellenceFeb. 6, 2013College of EnvironmentRecognition for excellence in teaching ESS 101 Autumn quarter 2012.
Dean's Letter of Recognition for Teaching ExcellenceMarch 18, 2014College of EnvironmentRecognition for excellence in teaching ESS 302/433 Autumn quarter 2013.

Professional Talks and Presentations

October 24, 2009Univeristy of WashingtonThermoluminescence ConferenceInvitedConferenceFieldtrip leaderfor conference
June 13, 2010Northwest Geological SocietyConferenceInivitedFieldtripField trip leader regarding glacial history of Whidbey Island, WA.
September 4-10, 2011Liberty Mutual InsurancePresidential AwardsInvitedGuest LecturerGlobal Climate Change
June 4, 2012Ice Age FloodInvited Keynote SpeakerInvitedOral PresentationGlacial History of the Pacific Northwest
July 10, 2013Island County Emergency ManagementIsland County Natural Hazard SymposiaInvited SpeakerOral PresentationLandslide Hazards Associated with Seismic Events in Island County, WA
February 8, 2014Washington State University ExtensionSound Waters 2014InvitedOral PresentationLandslide Processes in the Puget Lowland
June 4, 2014NWGSMonthly Speaker SeriesinvitedOral PresentationGlacial Erratics of Washington State
August 7, 2014AMQUA23rd Biennial Meeting, Seattle, WAInvitedField TripGlacial History of Whidbey Island and Ledgewood Beach Landslide
Sept. 14, 2015Whidbey Eco NetworkWhidbey Island Community EducationinvitedOral PresentatonNatural Causes of Climate Change
Sept. 21, 2015Whidbey Eco NetworkWhidbey Island Community EducationinvitedOral PresentatonThe Glacial History of the PNW and the Formation of Whidbey Island
April 14, 2017Island County Historical MuseumMuseum Staff EducationinvitedFieldtripThe Glacial History of the Penn Cove region, Whidbey Island

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
2009South Whidbey School DistrictI served as scientific adviser for adoption of the Langley Middle School science curriculum.
May 18, 2010Langely Middle SchoolClassroom field trips to Fidalgo Island, WA to study the ophiolite sequence and introduce students to key stratigraphic principles.
June 18, 2011Langely Middle SchoolClassroom field trips to Whidbey Island, WA to study the glacial history of the Pughet Lowland.
2011-2013K-12 outreach programI visit eight to ten K-12 schools each year to introduce students to the professional work that geologists are engaged.
2012-2013South Whidbey High SchoolMentor Scientist for high school earth science projects.
May 20, 2013Whidbey Rotary ClubOral presentation on landslide hazards for local residences of Whidbey Island.
June 4, 2013City of Langley Public worksOral presentation on landslide hazards within City of Langley.
2013-2014South Whidbey High SchoolMentor Scientist for high school earth science projects.
2014-2015South Whidbey High SchoolMentor Scientist for high school science projects
June 7, 2014Whidbey Island Center for ArtsField trip leader (donated to WICA auction; raised $2500)
June 6, 2015Whidbey Island Center for ArtsField trip leader (donated to WICA auction; raised $2500)
July-August 2015Trouts UnlimitedConsultation geomorphologist (Icicle Creek fishery restoration).
2015-2016South Whidbey Primary SchoolMentor scientist for 5th grade geology unit. Field trip leader.
August 4, 2016Northwest ESS Pipeline, UW NASA Consortium and Mission EarthLed glacial geology field trip to Whidbey Island for local disadvantaged middle and high school students interested in STEM fields.
March-April 2017Island County Historical Society MuseumConsulting geologist for glacial history exhibit at ICHS museum, Coupeville
Feb. 2017- PresentWashington State Park (Grant Heiken)Consulting geologist assisting with interpretive plaques for local Whidbey Island parks.

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

Sisley, H., Swanson, T.W., and Stone, J.O. (in revision for GSA Bulletin). Meltwater Pulse 1A preserved in the post-glacial marine high-stand terrace record on San Juan Island, Washington.

Rogers, H.E., Swanson, T.W., and Stone, J.O. 2012. Long-term shoreline retreat rates on Whidbey Island, WA. Quaternary Research. V. 78, 315-322.

Porter, S.C. and Swanson, T.W. 2008. Surface exposure ages and paleoclimatic environment of [Middle and] Late Pleistocene glacier advances, northeastern Cascade Range, Washington. American Journal of Science. V. 308, 130-166.

Current Research Interests

Glacial geology of the Puget Lowland; Shoreline retreat history of unconsolidated bluffs; Geologic history of Whidbey Island (long-term writing project); Cosmogenic Isotope Dating; Alpine glaciation of Western Cordillera; Glacial Isostasy and Eustasty within the Pacific Northwest

Current C.V. URL

In the News

Whidbey Island Landslide (Ledgewood Beach, March 28th, 2013).


Letters of recognition for teaching excellence from Environmental College Dean Lisa Graumlich's office (Autumn Quarter 2013; Spring Quarter 2013; Autumn Quarter 2012).