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John Vidale- Website

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
variousESS499, 600 and 800
Winter 2014GenSt197R116100%
Spring 2015ESS2025probably 60-70100%
Spring 2016GenSt197R115-20100%
Winter 2016ESS202563100%
Fall 2015ESS562110100%

UW Class Seminars and Lectures

Course #
I've given perhaps a dozen presentationsESS562-SeismoLunch, in quarters that other people were running it.
-ESS & MG&G--Gave an ESS department seminar last year, and an MG&G seminar.

Awards and Honors

Award Name
Date Bestowed
Awarding Body
Brief Description
Gutenburg Fellow1981-82CaltechOutstanding incoming student Fellowship
National Science Foundation Fellow1982-85NSFOutstanding graduate students in NSF-supported disciplines
Centennial Lecturer1994University of Tulsanot sure of raison d'être
AGU Fellow1994AGUAttained acknowledged eminence in the Earth and space sciences
Macelwane Medal1994AGUSignificant contributions to the geophysical sciences by an outstanding early career scientist
Gilbert Fellow1995USGSProvides resources for basic research
Gutenberg Lecture2009AGUGutenberg Lecture at AGU Annual Meeting
Outstanding Researcher2011UW College of the EnvironmentAnnual award across 7 CoE Depts
(Kate Allstadt, my student) CoE Outstanding Grad Student2012UW College of the EnvironmentAnnual award across 7 CoE Depts
(Alicia Hotovec-Ellis, my student) CoE Outstanding Grad Student2013UW College of the EnvironmentAnnual award across 7 CoE Depts

Professional Talks and Presentations

Fall 2007AGUFall AGU Meeting-13 talks/posters
Fall 2008AGUFall AGU Meeting-14 talks/posters
Fall 2009AGUFall AGU MeetingI9 talks/postersincluding the keynote Gutenberg Lecture
Spring 2010SSASSA Meeting-talks/posters 5 at SSA meeting in Portland
Fall 2010AGUFall AGU Meeting-talks/posters 9
-Oregon-I2 talks
-Cornell-I2 talks
Spring 2011SSASSA Meeting-talks/posters 4 at SSA meeting in Memphis
Fall 2011AGUFall AGU Meeting-talks/posters 8
Spring 2012SSASSA Meeting-talks/posters 4 at SSA meeting in San Diego
Fall 2012AGUFall AGU MeetingItalks/posters 8including an invited talk
-UT Austin-I2 talks
Fall 2013AGUFall AGU Meetingtalks/posters 7
Fall 2014AGUFall AGU Meetingtalks/posters 11
April 29-30, 2015SeattleCascadia Planning MtgIInvited talk
Sept 24-26, 2015Nagoya, Japan2015 Slow slip workshopIInvited talk
Sept 28-Oct 1, 2015Tsukuba, JapanTsubuka Global Science WeekIInvited talk
Nov 3-4, 2015UC Davis, CAI2 talks
Fall 2015AGUFall AGU Meeting7 talks/posters
Feb 4, 2016White HouseEarthquake preparedness summitIwebcast talk

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
2006 to nowWashington State SeismologistGeneral expert on call
2006 to nowWashington State Seismic Safety CommitteeWorked towards seismic resilience
2006 to nowPNW-ANSS Regional Co-ordinatorOversaw regional earthquake monitoring
Numerous public lectures on regional earthquake issues.
Participated in numerous meetings, workshops and outreach efforts.
Bellevue High SchoolScience and Engineering Career Forum - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015Vocational advice to high school students

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

My 118 peer-reviewed papers have an h-index of 43 and 5825 citations, according to Web of Science on 2/14/16, a distant 2nd in ESS to Dave Montgomery, and tied with rapidly rising Eric Steig (38/5828, although he's 15th or greater in the author list on his top 2, while I'm sole author on my top 2).


Changes in seismic velocity during the first 14 months of the 2004-2008 eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington
Hotovec-Ellis, A. J.; Vidale, J. E.; Gomberg, J.; et al.
JGR, 120

How to Recognize a "Beast Quake" and a "Dance Quake"
Malone, Stephen; Hall, Kelley; Vidale, John; et al.
SRL, 86.


Triggering of tremor and inferred slow slip by small earthquakes at the Nankai subduction zone in southwest Japan
Han, Jiangang; Vidale, John E.; Houston, Heidi; et al.
GRL, 41.

A continuous record of velocity change at Mount St. Helens from coda wave interferometry
Hotovec-Ellis, A. J.; Gomberg, J.; Vidale, J. E.; et al.
JGR, 119.

Deep long-period earthquakes west of the volcanic arc in Oregon: Evidence of serpentine dehydration in the fore-arc mantle wedge
Vidale, J. E.; Schmidt, D. A.; Malone, S. D.; et al.
GRL, 41.


A Scenario Study of Seismically Induced Landsliding in Seattle Using Broadband Synthetic Seismograms
Allstadt, Kate; Vidale, John E.; Frankel, Arthur D.
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America Volume: 103 Issue: 6 Pages: 2971-2992

Evidence for tidal triggering of high-amplitude rapid tremor reversals and tremor streaks in northern Cascadia
Thomas, Trevor W.; Vidale, John E.; Houston, Heidi; et al.
GRL Volume: 40 Issue: 16 Pages: 4254-4259

Strongly gliding harmonic tremor during the 2009 eruption of Redoubt Volcano
Hotovec, Alicia J.; Prejean, Stephanie G.; Vidale, John E.; Joan Gomberg
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research Volume: 259 Pages: 89-99

Shallow repeating seismic events under an alpine glacier at Mount Rainier, Washington
WA Thelen, K Allstadt, SA DeAngelis, SC Moran, JE Vidale, SD Malone
Journal of Glaciology Volume: 59 Issue: 214 Pages: 345-356 Published: June 1 2013


Tremor asperities in the transition zone control evolution of slow earthquakes
A Ghosh, JE Vidale, KC Creager
JGR, 117, B10301   DOI: 10.1029/2012JB009249

Earthquake spectra and near-source attenuation in the Cascadia subduction zone
J Gomberg, KC Creager, J Sweet, J Vidale, et al.
JGR, 117, B10301   DOI: 10.1029/2012JB009249

Transient and long-term changes in seismic response of the Natural Resources Building, Olympia, Washington, due to earthquake shaking, P Bodin, JE Vidale, T Walsh, R. Cakir, M. Celebi, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 16, 607-622.

Slow slip: A new kind of earthquake
JE Vidale and H Houston, Physics Today, Jan., p. 38-43.

Current Research Interests

Briefly, my research interests are earthquakes, Earth structure, volcanic seismology, earthquake hazards, i.e., anything interesting and/or useful that can be done with seismology. I used to design numerical methods for seismology, but now find data interpretation and hazard mitigation more rewarding.

My three students and three post-docs are conducting a range of studies - basin amplification for seismic hazard purposes, earthquakes under volcanoes, offshore seismicity patterns, earthquake early warning planning and execution, studies of the M9 earthquakes that are in the Pacific Northwest's past and future.

I'm currently involved in overseeing the seismic network, the M9 project, and implementation of earthquake early warning. I'm also involved in the eScience institute and Urban@UW. I've spend some time trying to establish permanent and realtime instrumentation on the seafloor off Cascadia.

These are my current activities, and I expect future studies will pop up reliably, given our reliable and bountiful influx of weird goings-on that tend to come to our attention from seismic data.

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In the News

I've given up on keeping a list of these, although I do pass some to comphelp for the department and college web pages.

Google "john vidale" OR "john e. vidale" for examples, I'm the only one with that name.