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Steven Walters

Courses Taught

Course #
% Responsible
WIN14ESSESS 520 A418100NA
AUT13ESSESS 420 A & B531100NA
SUM13ESSESS 400 B122550Alison Duvall
SUM13ESSESS 499 A21100NA
SPR13ESSESS 420 A530100NA
SPR13ESSESS 499 B31100NA
SPR14ESSESS 418 A429100NA
SPR14ESSESS 420 A530100NA
SUM14ESSESS 400 B121850Ralph Haugerud
AUT14ESSESS 420 A & B541100NA
AUT14ESSESS 499 A21100NA
AUT14ESSESS 499 B21100NA
WIN15ESSESS 520 A422100NA
WIN15ESSESS 499 B11100NA
SPR15ESSESS 420 A526100NA
SPR15ESSESS 499 B2-32100NA
SPR15ESSESS 590 C47100NA
SUM15ESSESS 400 B121750Ralph Haugerud
AUT15ESSESS 420 A & B528100NA
WIN16ESSESS 418 A430100NA
WIN16ESSESS 499 A32100NA
WIN16ESSESS 520 A417100NA
WIN16ESSESS 600 A41100NA

Public and Community Service

Type of Service
2007-presentUS Chapter, International Association for Landscape EcologyAwards Committee Representative
2011-presentUniv. of WashingtonGIS Day Planning Committee Representative
2012-presentUniv. of Washington, Dept. of Earth and Space SciencesComputer Committee Representative
2011-presentUniv. of Washington, College of the EnvironmentSpatial Informatics Coordinating Group

Current Research Interests

- Theory and practice of biodiversity assessment, including interactions between species, ecosystems and human activities.

- Coupled human-natural systems perspectives on ecosystem dynamics; emphasis on forest and urban ecosystems and the effects of land use/land cover change on biogeochemistry and hydrology.

- Landscape connectivity and effects on species movement patterns.

- Geospatial analytic theory and practice for analyzing (changes in) landscape and terrain patterns.