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Peter Ward

Recent Publications and Manuscripts in the Press

In press. Dooley, F., Ward, P., Nair, S, Hydrogen Sulfide causes unusually fast growth in crop plants; PLoS ONE (Accepted 12/20/12).
Bookstein, F. and Ward, P. 2013 A modified Procrustes analysis for bilaterally symmetrical outlines, with an application to microevolution in Baculites. Paleobiology
In press (proofs received). Smith, D., Timonen, H., Jaffe, D.,Griffin, D., Birmele, M., Perry, K., Ward, P., and Roberts, M. Intercontinental Dispersal of Bacteria and Archaea by Transpacific Winds. Applied and Environmental Microbiology
2012 Ward. P.; J. Haggart, R. Mitchell, J. Kirschvink, T. Tobin (Integration of macrofossil biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy for the Pacific Coast Upper Cretaceous (Campanian - Maastrichtian) of North America and implications for correlation with the Western Interior and Tethys. GSA Bulletin. 124, 957-974

2012. Schoepfer, S., Charles M. Henderson, Geoffrey H. Garrison, Peter D. Ward. Cessation of a productive coastal upwelling system in the Panthalassic Ocean at the Permian–Triassic Boundary. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Volumes 313–314, Pages 181-188.
2012 Schoepfer, S.. Charles M. Henderson, Geoffrey H. Garrison, Julien Foriel, Peter D. Ward, David Selby, James C. Hower, Thomas J. Algeo, Yanan Shen. Termination of a continent-margin upwelling system at the Permian–Triassic boundary (Opal Creek, Alberta, Canada). Global and Planetary Change, Available online 15 July 2012.
2012. Tobin, T. S. P. D. Ward, E. J. Steig, E. B. Olivero, I. A. Hilburn, R. N. Mitchell, M. R. Diamond, T. D. Raub, J. L. Kirschvink Extinction patterns, δ18O trends, and magnetostratigraphy from a southern high-latitude Cretaceous - Paleogene section: links with Deccan volcanism. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 350-352, 180-188.
2012. Ward, P., G. J. Retallack, and R M.H. Smith. The terrestrial Permian–Triassic boundary event bed is a nonevent: reply to Gastaldo et al . Geology, March online edition
2012. Dooley F., Wyllie-Echeverria S., Ward P.D, & Roth M.B. The tolerances and responses of Zostera marina seedlings to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S); Aquatic Botany
2011. Whiteside, J and P. Ward. 2011 Ammonoid diversity and disparity track episodes of chaotic carbon cycling during the early Mesozoic. Geology, v. 39, p. 99-102.
2011. Dunstan AJ, Ward PD, Marshall NJ. Vertical Distribution and Migration Patterns of Nautilus pompilius. PLoS ONE 6(2): e16311.
2011. Ward, P and Berner, R. 2011. Why are there dinosaurs? Why are there birds? In Dyke GA and Kaiser G (eds) . Living dinosaurs, the evolutionary history of modern birds, Wiley Blackwell, pp30-38 etc.
2010. Ward, P. What is the diversity of life in the Cosmos? Eds Bell,l., Conway Morris, S.,Barrow,J., Finney, J., and Harper, C. Water and Life. CRC Press, 370p.

2010 - Ward. P. Our Flooded Earth. Harper Collins
2013. Ward., P. Our Flooded Earth, Paperback edition
2013 Ward, P and Kirschvink, J. (in press, accepted) A New History of Life (145,000 words). Harper Collins

Current Research Interests

Biology of mass extinctions
Biology of modern cephalopods

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