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Photo of the Hale-Bopp Comet

Astrobiology is the study of life throughout the Universe (i.e. both terrestrial and extraterrestrial), its origin, distribution, evolution and fate. It incorporates aspects of earth science along with astronomy, planetary science, oceanography, atmospheric science, microbiology, genomics and engineering. In ESS, astrobiologists study early Earth evolution, mass extinctions, remote sensing of planets, planetary interiors, and ice-covered planets.

Postdoc opportunities are available in Astrobiology!

Group Website:

UW Astrobiology

Faculty Members:

J. Michael Brown
Roger Buick
David Catling
Alan Gillespie
Drew Gorman-Lewis
Erika Harnett
Dave Montgomery
Bruce Nelson
Fangzhen Teng
Peter Ward
Steve Warren
Dale Winebrenner
Robert Winglee
Stephen Wood