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ESS Students at Mt. St. Helens

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington has suspended use of the Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) for all applications to our graduate programs as of July 2021.

Please note: our Applied Geosciences Masters Degree in Earth and Space Sciences (MESSAGe) is not accepting students for the 23-24 academic year, and application to this program is closed

Applied Geosciences - Geosciences are key to addressing critical issues of our time: natural hazards, land and resource management,the impacts of climate change. The Masters in Earth and Space Sciences, Applied Geosciences (MESSAGe) is designed for students who are ready to make an impact and wish to have a lead role in geology, geomorphology, environmental geology or engineering geology.

Research Program - The mission of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences is to further the understanding of Earth, the solar system, and their histories. Get a MS or PhD examining Earth's interior structure, chemistry, motion, and dynamics; geologic hazards; processes affecting the surface environment; the surrounding space environment; planetary processes; and geobiology.