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Degrees are not automatically awarded upon completion of requirements; you must apply to graduate.

To apply for graduation, fill out the ESS undergraduate exit survey. We will then contact you to schedule an appointment.

The deadline to apply is the third Friday of the quarter in which you intend to graduate (see the Academic Calendar for specific dates). However, it is recommended that you apply two to three quarters prior to the intended graduation date in order to take advantage of Graduating Senior Priority registration.

After applying to graduate, you are responsible for continuing to monitor your degree audit (DARS) to confirm that all degree requirements have been met by the time you plan to graduate. You are also responsible for contacting ESS Student Services if you need to make any changes to your graduation application (for example, adding or removing ESS Departmental Honors, adding or removing a minor, or changing the date on the graduation application). Failure to contact ESS Student Services regarding any of these issues could delay graduation, so it is best to contact us early. Remember to also keep your mailing address up to date in MyUW in order to receive your diploma, which is typically mailed several months after graduation

Graduating Senior Priority Registration:

Students with senior standing who have a graduation application on file may register on the first day of Priority I registration for two quarters. GSP registration is granted for two quarters only. If you use GSP and later postpone your graduation date, you will not be granted extra quarters of GSP. Please refer to the Registrar's website for more information

Senior Year - Prepare for Success!

Your senior year is a great time to complete an internship, conduct informational interviews with individuals working in careers that interest you, begin preparing for graduate school, and take advantage of the resources at the UW Career and Internship Center. Additional recommendations and resources can be found on our careers and internships page.

UW Commencement Ceremony

Students who earn a degree in Autumn through Summer are eligible to participate in the annual UW Commencement Ceremony in Spring quarter.

When the Office of Graduations and Academic Records receives your graduation application, you will be eligible to register for Commencement. If you wish to participate in the UW Commencement ceremony, you must register through the UW Commencement website. Registration for UW Commencement and ESS Graduation are separate processes; see below for more information about ESS Graduation.

The UW Commencement web site also has information about cap and gown, tickets, parking, diplomas, etc.

ESS Department Graduation Celebration

The Department holds its Annual Graduation Celebration the morning of Commencement. Announcements go out early Spring quarter so you should make sure that you are on the mailing lists so you don't miss out on any important information. In addition to inviting guests to join us for the ceremony, ESS provides a live video broadcast available via our website for those guests who cannot attend. Attendees are required to wear Cap, Gown, and Stole, and you can see pictures from previous years on the Graduation Celebration Page .