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A word from ESS Chair Bruce Nelson...

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences is committed to continued excellence in preparation of our students as the next generation of leaders.

Your gift can make the difference in our ability to provide funding for these excellent students in the geological and geophysical sciences. Thank you for your generous support.

Friends of ESS

This fund allows us to operate many critical functions including our Awards Ceremony, Research Gala, and Open House for prospective students.The fund is vital for recognizing achievements of students and faculty, and provides flexibility to help student field and research activities on an as needed basis.

Undergraduate Field Support

This fund helps students get invaluable field experience key to their educational and professional growth. This fund supports undergraduate students participation in field camp as well as funding field research projects.

ESS Graduate Support

This fund helps support graduate students' research and field experience, including the provision of seed funds for many activities associated with new research opportunities that are presently not funded.


If you have questions, or wish to request more information please contact
Kristin Buckley, Philanthropy Officer (, 206-221-0395), or
Sue Bernhardt, Administrator (, 206-543-0384).