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On Saturday June 12th, 2021, nearly 250 people in 5 countries watched our prerecorded graduation stream. We sadly couldn't meet in person due to the pandemic so instead students were able to submit photos of themselves for our virtual commencement. We had 13 undergraduate students and 9 graduate students participate in this year's graduation celebration.

Speakers for the Graduation Ceremony of 2021

Speakers for the 2021 Graduation Ceremony included UW ESS Chair Eric Steig, UW College of the Environment Dean Lisa Graumlich, and special guest speaker Ginny Catania (Ph.D, UW, 2004), currently working as a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Geophysics in Texas. Student speakers include Manique Talaia-Murray for the grad students and Surabhi Biyani for the undergraduate students.

Free Downloads

As a special final (free!) service for our graduating students, the ESS department recorded a video of the ceremony. The video recording of the ESS 2021 Graduation Ceremony can be viewed as a live stream (1.2 hours), or you can choose to download and save the 1GB mp4 video.

You can view the graduation video as an online stream here, or you can download the mp4 file here.
( .mp4, 1GB, 1 hour 11 min ).
We recommend using an up-to-date Google "Chrome" web browser for viewing the stream and we recommend using VLC Player to view the downloadable .mp4 file.