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Hat-Toss of 2019 UW ESS Graduation 2022 stage photo

On Saturday June 11th, 2022, a small group of participants gathered in the HUB Lyceum on the University of Washington Campus to celebrate the UW Dept of Earth and Space Sciences annual Graduation Ceremony, hosted by ESS Chair Eric Steig.

Although we had to make the difficult choice to switch to a "participants-only" ceremony, due to concerns over a rising Covid-19 infection rate, we were excited to host our first Live In-Person Graduation Ceremony in 3 years. The graduation ceremeony was livestreamed here and it is now available for viewing or download on our graduation channel at links down below. (see the "Free Downloads" section).

The Graduation Ceremonies in 2020, and 2021, had to be remote electronic only, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, those students (graduates of 2020 and 2021) were welcome to join in on the 2022 ceremony.

Speakers for the Graduation Ceremony of 2022

Five Speakers Composite Photo at Graduation 2022

Speakers for the 2022 Graduation Ceremony include UW ESS Chair Eric Steig, UW College of the Environment Dean Maya Tolstoy, and special guest speaker Dr. Lee Fairchild (Ph.D UW 1985), currently working as a Geological Advisor and Reservoir Connectivity Specialist. Student speakers include Taryn Black for the grad students, and McKenzie Carlson for the undergraduate students.

Free Downloads

As a special final (free!) service for our graduating students, the ESS department recorded a video of the ceremony, and shot still photographs of each student receiving their diploma. The video recording of the ESS 2022 Graduation Ceremony can be viewed as a live stream (1.2 hours), or you can choose to download and save the 1GB mp4 video. The photographs shot by the dept can be viewed online via a web slideshow, or viewed from a photo gallery. Each photograph can be downloaded (click on the photo) for high quality printing or saving. (about 5 MB jpeg each). A pdf version of the Ceremony Program is available for download, as is a pdf copy of the Undergraduate Photos shown during graduation ceremony.

You can view the graduation video as an online stream here, or you can download the mp4 file here. The .mp4 is about 1GB, and 1 hour 11 min. We recommend using an up-to-date Google "Chrome" web browser for viewing the stream and we recommend using VLC Player to view the downloadable .mp4 file.

View a Gallery of Graduation Photos shot by the Dept.

View a Slideshow of Graduation Photos shot by the Dept.

View a pdf of the printed paper 2022 Graduation Program for more information about our student and alumnus speaker as well as a list of our graduating students.

View a pdf of the 2022 Undergraduate Slideshow shown during the Ceremony.

Graduation 2022 Group Photos

UW ESS PhD Students for 2022

UW ESS PhD Students of 2022 Group Photo

Masters Students for 2022

UW ESS Masters Students of 2022 Group Photo

Undergraduate Students of 2022

UW ESS UnderGraduate Students of 2022 group photo

Hat Toss!

Hat-Toss of 2019