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Real Time Tropical Cyclone Monitoring by WWLLN

2018-02-20 07:59:53

Monitoring Tropical Cyclones with Lightning and Satellite Data A new storm-following tool continually watches for lightning over the open ocean. Combined with satellite microwave data, the new real-time observations will improve forecasts of tropical cyclones. The World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) team, a group coordinated by the University of Washington in Seattle, operates a network of lightning location sensors that produces regular maps of lightning activity all over the world. To tackle the demand for continuous tropical cyclone monitoring, the WWLLN team has developed a unique “storm-following” tool and a public website known as WWLLN Tropical Cyclones (WWLLN-TC). The website visualizes lightning data in near-real time for all tropical cyclones across the globe. See the actual data at http://wwlln.net/storms/

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