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  • How hauling icebergs could help sustain the world's thirstiest regions | NBC News
    Tuesday, August 7, 2018
    An engineering firm in the Middle East is moving forward with an audacious scheme that has been discussed since at least the 1970s: tow icebergs thousands of miles from Antarctica to water-starved regions, where the ice would be brought ashore and used to produce huge amounts of fresh drinking water. Nick Holschuh, researcher in Earth and space sciences at the UW, is quoted. Read More
  • Increase in rockfalls on Mount Rainier | KIRO 7
    Thursday, August 2, 2018
    There is an increasing danger of rockfalls high up on Mount Rainier. T.J. Fudge, research assistant professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW, is interviewed. Read More
  • Mt. Rainier Glaciers
    Wednesday, August 1, 2018
    A KIRO7 piece on Mt. Rainier glaciers and rock fall that includes an interview with UW ESS glaciologist T.J. Fudge Read More
  • Preparing for the 'big one' | KING 5
    Friday, July 27, 2018
    The "big one" could be bigger than previously thought. That's what scientists and emergency managers are considering as the state continues to prepare itself for the next big earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. Ken Creager, professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW, is interviewed. Read More
  • Washington is moving westward, thanks to tiny tremors |
    Wednesday, July 25, 2018
    According to a new report from The Seattle Times, a wave of earthquake tremors over the last few months have moved parts of Washington state and Vancouver Island westward. Ken Creager, professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW, is quoted. Read More
  • Tremors shove Washington westward, offer clues into next big earthquake | The Seattle Times
    Tuesday, July 24, 2018
    Thousands of tiny tremors over the past few months have moved parts of Washington and Vancouver Island westward. It's a near annual event that backs expectations by some scientists that a big earthquake may hit the Seattle area harder than their previous models suggested. This recent wave of activity began in May and appears to be dying off now, according to UW Earth and space sciences professor Ken Creager. Read More
  • Are you ready for the Big One? | KUOW
    Tuesday, July 24, 2018
    Bill Steele is coordinator of the seismology lab at the University of Washington's Earth and space sciences department. He told KUOW's Katherine Banwell how to prepare for a major disaster. Read More
  • Opinion | To feed the world sustainably, repair the soil | Scientific American
    Thursday, July 19, 2018
    "New technologies and genetically modified crops are usually invoked as the key to feeding the world's growing population. But a widely overlooked opportunity lies in reversing the soil degradation that has already taken something like a third of global farmland out of production," writes David Montgomery, professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW. Read More
  • Could a tsunami reach Columbia City? And other Disaster Night! questions | KUOW
    Thursday, July 19, 2018
    A catastrophe-focused crowd turned out last night for KUOW's Disaster Night! -- a quiz show about natural disasters (and disaster movies), at the Royal Room in Columbia City. Bill Steele, director of outreach at the UW's Pacific Northwest Seismic Network, and Alison Duvall, professor of Earth and space sciences at the UW, were at the event. Read More
  • Seattle Times Story About Ice Fall Across Climbing Route on Mt Rainier
    Monday, July 16, 2018
    Ice fall across climbing route on Mt Rainier. Camp Muir seismograms from Emeritus Prof Steve Malone show timing of the ice fall . Research Prof Howard Conway states these events are unpredictable and care is needed when climbing in these regions. Read More