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Nadrah Nur Liyana Hushin
Bachelor Of Science - Earth And Space Sciences: Geology
Class of 2018
Cum Laude

What made you decide to get into geosciences?
Since I was young, I have always been curious about the causes and effects of natural disasters that occur in the neighboring countries. However, what convinced me to get into the geoscience were the classes that I took with Terry Swanson and Steven Walters opened my eyes to the diverse topics that I could learn about the Earth.

What was your favorite part of the ESS department?
I believe that my favorite part is the people in the department. The professors and lecturers are the most supportive and passionate people I have met and provided me not only the knowledge of geoscience but also gave me great advice to be a better geologist after graduating. The staffs are also keen on helping the students to excel beyond their academics by engaging students with various geoscience activities and events outside of the university.

What are you doing now?
Previously, I was in the geology and geophysics track of a Master’s Program by Repsol Oil and Gas in Spain and now working as a Graduate Engineer in the Malaysia Business Unit.

How has your ESS degree informed your current work?
Although I did not take a coursework directly related to the oil and gas industry, the classes I took have provided me a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Hence, I can learn and understand new geology and geophysics aspects quickly that helped me to work efficiently with my colleagues.

What kind of training or skills would you recommend to ESS students who are considering a similar career path?
Get involved in both field trips and lab work because these experiences would help in understanding theory better and gaining certain skills that are highly sought by employers. I also believe that learning and being competent to use various software (ArcGIS, MATLAB, Excel, etc…) in the department would be important because we do rely heavily on software to do our day to day job. Lastly, I also would recommend undergraduate research as the experience has shaped me to be more independent and open-minded which is essential in the working environment.

Any advice for our current students?
Have fun and do not get intimidated to learn new things in the department. Do get yourself involved in undergraduate research and even though you may not have a specific idea on the topic, reach out to your professors and lecturers and they may be able to help you discover what you could potentially work on in-depth.

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