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Andrew Jacobson
Bachelor Of Science - Earth And Space Sciences: Physics
Class of 2018
Minors in Mathematics and Physics

What made you decide to get into geosciences?
My original plan was to go to the college of engineering, but I was not accepted. I still wanted to study space science and physics though so an advisor suggested the ESS Department. The option to emphasize in physics sold me.

What was your favorite part of the ESS department?
The professors and the undergrad research I was able to do through the ESS department. I worked in Professor Winglee's lab for almost a year and took his rockets class twice, both were very enjoyable. I also found Professor Holzworth's space/plasma physics courses very interesting.

What are you doing now?
I work as a full time engineer at Eagle Harbor Technologies in Seattle, and I am working on my master's degree in physics during the evenings at UW.

How has your ESS degree informed your current work?
Working in Prof. Winglee's lab and taking Prof. Holzworth's courses helped prepare me for my job as an engineer. The ESS coursework, along with my minors, has readied me for my physics graduate studies.

What kind of training or skills would you recommend to ESS students who are considering a similar career path?
Get involved in undergraduate research. The ESS website lists all the interesting research that is being done in the department. Find one that piques your interest and reach out to the principal investigator to see if they are looking for undergraduate researchers. The hands-on skills you learn in the lab are invaluable when go to apply for a job.

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