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Bijia Zhang's Profile Picture

Bijia Zhang
Bachelor Of Science - Earth And Space Sciences: Geology
Class of 2014

What made you decide to get into geosciences?
I took Terry Swanson’s ESS 101 in my freshmen year and then I decided to declare my major in geology.

What was your favorite part of the ESS department?
You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Washington during your class field trips. The GeoClub also organize different camping trips every spring break outside Washington. Faculties and students have very close relationships in the department.

What are you doing now?
I am a first year master’s student at Rice University. I study subsurface geology and geophysics, which are related to oil and gas exploration. I plan to work in oil and gas industry after I get my master’s degree.

Any advice for our current students?
Try to take some classes which are not in your major requirement but interest you and you may be surprised how they will lead you.

Additional Contact Information
Yes! Email me