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Jacqueline Dodd's Profile Picture

Jacqueline Dodd
Joined ESS in Autumn 2017
Contact: [javascript protected email address]
Role: Undergraduate
Undergraduate Program: Earth and Space Sciences: Environmental B.S.
Hometown: Belleville, NJ
Prior Institutions: Seattle Central Community College, Montclair State University

How did you "land" in ESS?
Initially, I wanted to study environmental economics and natural resource management in addition to Earth Sciences, however the ESRM program was lacking in the Earth Sciences classes and so I decided ESS would be a better fit. Then, I could sample other classes I was interested in as desired.

What is something that surprised you about the transfer experience?
Nothing has surprised me about the transfer experience, but I think that's a good thing.

What has been your favorite part of the ESS department so far?
My favorite part of the ESS program so far has been the professors and field trips. I've been really impressed with the faculty in regards to the caliber of their teaching skills, their breadth of knowledge, and how accessible they make themselves to their students. I also really enjoy learning about the many different facets of Earth Sciences from the ESS Colloquia events each Thursday.

What are your future plans?
I'm still in the process of figuring this step out, but I'd like to pursue a Ph.D. in a subject that allows me to combine geospatial analysis, geomorphology and geochemistry. I would also like to teach someday, be an advisor on environmental policy and an advisor on impact investments related to Earth Sciences.

Do you have any advice for new ESS community members?
If you have questions don't hesitate to talk to other students, advisors, and professors. Participate in department events when you can, especially the Colloquia talks. Plan ahead and be diligent about managing your time, but also know when you need to take a break. School is important but carve out time to enjoy yourself.