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Marina Duetsch's Profile Picture

Marina Duetsch
Joined ESS in 1 year, 1 quarter
Contact: [javascript protected email address]
Role: Staff
Undergraduate Program: Environmental Science
Graduate Program: Atmospheric Sciences
Lab Postion: N/A
Staff Position: Research Associate
Hometown: Winterthur, Switzerland
Prior Institutions: ETH Zurich, Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Research Area: Paleoclimatology, Stable Water Isotope Modeling
Classes Taught: Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Modeling of Weather and Climate, Weather Discussion, Numerical Methods in Environmental Physics
Favorite Class: Dynamics of Large-Scale Atmospheric Flow
Favorite Spot: Union Bay Natural Area

How did you "land" in ESS?
In January 2017, Peter Blossey (from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences) came to visit our group at ETH Zurich and told me about Seattle and the University of Washington. It seemed like a great place to live and work. Together with him and Eric Steig I wrote a proposal for a postdoc fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, and the proposal was approved.

What is something that you surprised you about our community?
People complain about the weather, but Seattle weather is not bad at all (compared to Zurich or Bergen).

What has been your favorite part of the ESS department so far?
The great connections within and beyond the department. Also, the up goer five session at the ESS galas.

What are your future plans?
Climb Mount Saint Helens again, learn Salish, fly less, develop a smartphone app, get a driver's license (maybe), do more isotope research

Do you have any advice for new ESS community members?
Work is important but make sure you take enough time to explore the fantastic nature of the Pacific Northwest!