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Alison Duvall's Profile Picture

Alison Duvall
Joined ESS in Fall 2012
Contact: [javascript protected email address]
Role: Faculty
Undergraduate Program: Double degree--business and geology (BS)
Graduate Program: MS degree from UC Santa Barbara; PhD from University of Michigan
Lab Postion: N/A
Staff Position: Geologist/GIS Assistant for three years at the USGS (between MS and PhD)
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Prior Institutions: Virginia Tech, UCSB, U of Michigan, CU Boulder
Research Area: Tectonic Geomorphology--in other words, I use surface processes and patterns in the landscape to answer questions about tectonics, mainly in convergent settings
Classes Taught: 425/525, 427/527, 400a, 400b, Special Topics in Tectonic Geomorphology Seminar
Favorite Class: That's a tough call! Probably field camp as an undergraduate and tectonic geomorphology as a grad student
Favorite Spot: The little garden just past the fountain or the UW Botanic Gardens on Lake Washington

How did you "land" in ESS?
I interviewed for the position and landed my dream job. :-)

What is something that you surprised you about our community?
People in Seattle don't use umbrellas (which is silly!)...just kidding. A better surprise is how welcoming and friendly people in this community are, despite the reputation of the "Seattle Freeze".

What has been your favorite part of the ESS department so far?
Our community is filled with people who are so passionate about studying the Earth. It creates an exciting, positive energy.

What are your future plans?
I hope to keep teaching, researching, and serving the community as an active faculty member in ESS.

Do you have any advice for new ESS community members?
Get involved by going on filed trips, going to seminars, even if on a subject you know nothing about, and take advantage of all of the special opportunities in this department.