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Andrew Schauer's Profile Picture

Andrew Schauer
Joined ESS in January 2, 2008
Contact: [javascript protected email address]
Role: Staff
Undergraduate Program: Biology/Botany
Graduate Program: Plant Ecophysiology
Lab Postion: Lab Manager
Staff Position: Research Scientist/Engineer IV
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Prior Institutions: Western State Colorado University and University of Denver
Research Area: Light Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Classes Taught: Impromptu Isotope Geochemistry Lab Classes
Favorite Class: Desert Ecology--Field trip to Death Valley
Favorite Spot: Chemistry Electronics--because when I leave there it usually means I have something repaired.

How did you "land" in ESS?
IsoLab was in search of a lab manager. I contacted Becky Alexander (an IsoLab PI) from Atmospheric Sciences and was offered an interview.

What is something that you surprised you about our community?
The art embedded into the Johnson Hall remodel

What has been your favorite part of the ESS department so far?
Everyone's willingness to stop what they are doing and help.

What are your future plans?
I would like to run more standards, bike more, write more esoteric methods papers, and retire with a carbon isotope value of -21.5 permil VPDB.

Do you have any advice for new ESS community members?
Treat published methods and SOPs as mere guidelines. They deserve to be questioned and tested.