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Joshua Bandfield's Profile Picture

Joshua Bandfield
Affiliate Associate Professor
Office: off campus
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: Infrared remote sensing of Mars, the Moon, and Earth: Spectroscopic studies of surface materials and thermophysical modeling of planetary surfaces. Martian atmospheric monitoring.
Research Groups: Planetary Surfaces, Remote Sensing, Planetary Sciences

Ph.D. : Arizona State University (2000)
B.S. : UC Santa Barbara (1996)
Current Research:
My research has focused on the investigation of the processes that have formed the crust and regolith of the Moon, Mars, and Earth analogs. This has been primarily through the use of infrared and visible spectral and imaging data returned from orbiting spacecraft and landers. I have worked directly with the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer, 2001 Mars Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging System, Mars Exploration Rovers Miniature Thermal Emission Spectrometers, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mars Climate Sounder, and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Diviner Radiometer instrument investigations.

Current research projects include:
  • Determination of Mars surface mineralogy and the relationship to igneous and aqueous processes
  • Characterization of near surface water ice deposits and the current Martian water cycle
  • Multi-annual global monitoring of the current Martian climate
  • Mars landing site characterization
  • Characterization of Lunar regolith physical and compositional properties

Recent Publications:
Bandfield, J.L., R.R. Ghent, A.R. Vasavada, D.A. Paige, S.J. Lawrence, and M.S. Robinson, Lunar surface rock abundance and regolith fines temperatures derived from LRO Diviner Radiometer data. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), 010.1029/2011JE003866, 2011.

Bandfield, J.L., A.D. Rogers, Olivine dissolution by acidic fluids in Argyre Planitia, Mars: Evidence for a widespread process?, Geology, 10.1130/G24724A.1, 2008.

Bandfield, J.L., High Resolution Subsurface Water Ice Distributions on Mars, Nature, 0.1038/nature05781, 2007.

Bandfield, J.L., Extended surface exposures of granitoid compositions in Syrtis Major, Mars, Geophysical Research Letters, 10.1029/2005GL025559, 2006.

Bandfield, J.L., T.D. Glotch, P.R. Christensen, Spectroscopic Identification of Carbonate Minerals in the Martian Dust, Science, 301, 1084-1087, 2003.

Bandfield, J.L., V.E. Hamilton, P.R. Christensen, A Global View of Martian Surface Compositions From MGS-TES, Science, 287, 1626-1630, 2000.