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Taryn Black's Profile Picture

Taryn Black (she/her)
Graduate Student, glaciology
Office: ATG 208B / RTB 562
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: glaciology; satellite remote sensing; climate change; science communication

Courses TA'ed
Course #
% Responsible
WIN 20CENV500315100
SUM 18ESS101530
SPR 18ESS213547

Class Talks
Course #
Type or Title
SPR 19Environmental ScienceUCOR 3800Seattle UniversityHow much, how fast? Building a record of glacier change in Greenland

Award Name
Awarding Body/Group
Description of Award
Graduate Research Fellowship4/2014National Science FoundationThree years of funding for stipend and tuition.
Barksdale Distinguished Service Award5/2022UW Earth and Space Sciences

Professional Talks
Black, T.E. and D. Kurtz (2022). Satellite observations of maritime glacier change at Kenai Fjords National Park. U.S. National Park Service Alaska Region GIS First Tuesday. Black, T.E. and I. Joughin (2021). Weekly to Monthly Terminus Variability of Greenland’s Marine-Terminating Outlet Glaciers. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, C31A-05. Black, T. & D. Kurtz. Satellite observations of coastal glacier change at Kenai Fjords National Park. Northwest Glaciologists, 15 Oct. 2020. Black, T. and I. Joughin. An annual record of outlet glacier termini in northwestern Greenland from 1972-2018. Northwest Glaciologists, Corvallis, OR, 5 Oct. 2019. Black, T. Observations of Greenlandic marine-terminating outlet glaciers on multiple time scales. Oceanography Graduate and Postdoc Symposium, Seattle, WA, 31 May 2019. [invited]
I regularly give public talks, visit classrooms, and participate in other science outreach activities in the greater Seattle area. Within the university, I am a board member for Engage, a public science communication program at UW, and I serve on the ESS curriculum committee. I also organize an annual ESS graduate student housing survey, and a crowd-sourced welcome guide for new ESS graduate students.
Recent Publications
Black, T.E. and I. Joughin (2022) Multi-decadal retreat of marine-terminating outlet glaciers in northwest and central-west Greenland. The Cryosphere, 16, 807–824,
Research Interests
I am interested in understanding glacier variability on sub-seasonal to multi-decadal timescales, particularly by leveraging the abundant imagery produced by various earth-observing satellites. I am also curious about processes related to glacier melt and ice-ocean interactions.
Curriculum Vitae