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Landon Burgener's Profile Picture

Landon Burgener
Graduate Student
Office: JHN 423
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: The use of carbonate clumped-isotope paleothermometry to reconstruct terrestrial climate change; the formation and evolution of soil carbonate systems and their suitability as a paleoclimate proxy; Paleosol formation, distribution and interaction with climate systems; climate change; carbonate petrology

Courses TA'ed
Course #
% Responsible
Spring/2013ESS1043 50Kelly Hilbun

Award Name
Awarding Body/Group
Description of Award
Outstanding Thesis Award2012Department of Geological Sciences, Brigham Young UniversityA $200 award presented in recognition of my thesis, which was selected from all of the theses submitted during the 2012 academic year.
Peter Misch Fellowship2014Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of WashingtonA $587 award to be used to further my research.
Harry E. Wheeler Scholarship2015Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of WashingtonA scholarship award to cover tuition costs and my research work for a full quarter.

Professional Talks
Burgener, L; Huntington, K; Hyland, E; Kelson, J. Insights from Paleosol Proxies: Seasonal Climate Variability in a Greenhouse World. The Graduate Climate Conference. 2016 Burgener, L.; Huntington, K.; Hoke, G.; Schauer, A. From 0 to 4000 meters: Insights from clumped-isotope paleothermometry on the formation of soil carbonates in cold climates. The 4th International Workshop on Clumped Isotopes––Zurich, Switzerland. 2014. Burgener, L.; Rupper, S.; Williams, J.; Marker, R.; Christensen, W.; Koenig, L.; Miege, C.; Koutnik, M.; Forster, R.; West Antarctic Ice Sheet temporal and spatial variability from five new snowpits and firn cores. AGU Fall Meeting. 2011. Burgener, L.; Rupper, S.; Williams, J.; Marker, R.; Christensen, W.; Koenig, L.; Miege, C.; Koutnik, M.; Forster, R.; West Antarctic Ice Sheet temporal and spatial variability from five new snowpits and firn cores. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative: WAIS Workshop. 2011. Burgener, L.; Rupper, S.; Accumulation near the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide: exploring the effects of El Niño and the Antarctic Oscillation current. Brigham Young University, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences: Student Research Conference. 2011.
Recent Publications
Burgener, L; Huntington, K; Sletten, R; Hallet, B. Carbonate formation processes in cryogenic carbonates as revealed through clumped and stable isotope analysis. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. In preparation. Ringham, M., Hoke, G.D., Huntington, K.W., Burgener, L.K. (In preparation). Carbonate formation temperatures and the timing of pedogenic carbonate formation in arid soils: implications for clumped isotope temperature records. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. In preparation. Burgener, L.; Huntington, K.; Hoke, G.; Schauer, A.; Ringham, M.; Latorre, C.; Díaz, F. Variations in soil carbonate formation and seasonal bias over >4 km of relief in the western Andes (30 °S) revealed by clumped isotope thermometry: Earth and Planetary Science Letter, vol. 441, 188-199, 2016. Rupper, S.; Christensen, W.; Bickmore, B.; Burgener, L; Koenig, L.; Koutnik, M.; Miege, C.; Forster, R. The effects of dating uncertainties on net accumulation estimates from firn cores: Journal of Glaciology, vol. 61, 225, 163-172, 2015. Burgener, L.; Rupper, S.; Koenig, L.; Forster, R.; Christensen, W.F.; Williams, J.; Koutnik, M.; Miége, C.; Steig, E.; Keeler, D.; Riley, L. An observed negative trend in West Antarctic accumulation rates from 1975-2010: evidence from new observed and simulated records: Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, vol. 118, 10, 4205-4216, 2013. Steig, E; Qinghua, D; White, J; Küttel, M; Rupper, S; Neumann, T; Neff, P; Gallant, A; Mayewski, P; Taylor, K; Hoffmann, G; Dixon, D; Schoenemann, S; Markle, B; Fudge, T; Schneider, D; Schauer, A; Teel, R; Vaughn, B; Burgener, L; Williams, J; Korotikh, E. Recent Climate and Ice-sheet changes in West Antarctica compared to the past 2,000 years, Nature Geoscience, vol. 6, 372-375, 2013. Rupper, S.; Schaefer, J.; Burgener, L.; Koenig, L.; Tsering, K.; Cook, E. Sensitivity and response of Bhutanese glaciers to atmospheric warming: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 39, L19503, doi: 10.1029/2012GL053010, 2012. McBride, J.; Rupper, S.; Ritter, S.; Tingey, D.; Koutnik, M.; Quick, A.; Morris, T.; Keach, W.; Burgener, L.; McKean, A.; Williams, J.; Maurer, J.; Keeler, D.; Windell, R. Radar scattering in an alpine glacier: evidence of seasonal development of temperate ice beneath ogives. Geosphere, v. 8 (5), p. 1054, 2012.
Research Interests
My research interests are focused primarily on paleosols, modern soil formation, and paleoclimatology. In particular, my work focuses on using soil-based paleoclimate proxies to reconstruct terrestrial climate conditions during greenhouse periods, in order to understand how high atmospheric CO2 levels affect climate conditions. To date, my research has relied on conventional stable-isotope analysis and carbonate clumped-isotope paleothermometry to reconstruct past climates at local and regional scales.
Curriculum Vitae