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Owen Callahan
Postdoctoral Scholar
Phone: (c) 206-388-7071
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Website: https://www.oacallahan.com/
Interests: structural geology and tectonics; geothermal geology and epithermal systems; faults, fractures, and fluids; modern and paleoseismicity; alteration and rock mechanical properties
Research Groups: Paleoseismology & Neotectonics
Structural Geology, Tectonics, & Geodynamics
Analytical Geochemistry
Quaternary Research

Education: Postdoc - Center for Integrated Seismicity Research (2018-2020); PhD - The University of Texas at Austin (2018) ; MS - Western Washington University (2007); BA - Hampshire College (2003)
Current Research:
Trapped in travertine: Physical and chemical signature of paleoseismicity in hot spring deposits on active faults of the Central Nevada Seismic Belt
Recent Publications:
Callahan, O. A., Eichhubl, P., & Davatzes, N. C. (2020). Mineral precipitation as a mechanism of fault core growth. Journal of Structural Geology, 10.1016/j.jsg.2020.104156

Callahan, O. A., Eichhubl, P., Olson, J. E., & Davatzes, N. C. (2020). Experimental investigation of chemically aided fracture growth in silicified fault rocks. Geothermics, 83. 10.1016/j.geothermics.2019.101724

Callahan, O. A., Eichhubl, P., Olson, J. E., & Davatzes, N. C. (2019). Fracture mechanical properties of damaged and hydrothermally altered rocks, Dixie Valley‚ÄźStillwater Fault Zone, Nevada, USA. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 124(4), 4069-4090. 10.1029/2018jb016708

Iovenitti, J., Ibser, F. H., Clyne, M., Sainsbury, J., & Callahan, O. (2016). The Basin and Range Dixie Valley Geothermal Wellfield, Nevada, USA-a test bed for developing an Enhanced Geothermal System exploration favorability methodology. Geothermics. 10.1016/j.geothermics.2016.01.001

Callahan, O., Cladouhos, T., Larson, B., & Ketcham, R. A. (2015). The thermal history of Garland Mineral Springs, North Cascades, WA, from apatite fission track analysis of well cuttings from geothermal exploration well GAR-1. GRC Transactions, 39, 513-528.