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Erik Goosmann
Graduate Student
Office: JHN 423
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: Precambrian atmosphere, astrobiology, early Earth

Research Interests
Precambrian geology, astrobiology
Personal Statement
Astrobiologists are interested in understanding the origin, evolution, and future of life on Earth, and the potential for life elsewhere. Life did not evolve on the Earth as it is today, instead, it emerged on a planet with different atmospheric, climatic, and chemical conditions. As an astrobiologist and geologist, I focus on uncovering the early Earth conditions in which life emerged and evolved. Currently, my research focuses on using the geologic record to find proxies that record changes in the thickness of Earth's atmosphere during the Archean eon ~3 billion years ago, which recent studies suggest could have been as low as ¼ modern desity. Further constraints will aid us in better understanding the magnitude of which the Earth’s atmospheric density changed throughout geologic time. In addition to my research, I have a strong interest in science communication and education.