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Erika Harnett's Profile Picture

Erika Harnett
Affiliate Associate Professor
Associate Director, UW NASA Space Grant
Participating Faculty, UW Astrobiology Program
Office: Off-Campus
Phone: 206-543-0212
Fax: 206-543-0489 (shared)
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: Space Physics, Advanced Computing, Planetary Science, Astrobiology and Comparative Planetology
Research Groups: Space Physics, Planetary Sciences

Ph.D. : Geophysics, University of Washington (2003) - Theoretical space physics
M.S. : Physics, University of Washington (1998) - High energy particle astrophysics
UG : Math and Physics, University of Washington (1995)
Graduate Students:
  • Darci Snowden
  • Ariah Kidder
  • Michele Cash
  • Matt Tilley

Current Research:
I study the solar wind interaction with weakly magnetized planets and moons such as the Moon and Mars to investigate how magnetic anomalies may affect the plasma interactions. I am also interested in comparing and contrasting the dynamic processes occuring at different planetary magnetospheres.
In addition, I am involved in developing advanced computing techniques to create models for Space Weather applications that are not only accurate but can be run at speeds to allow them to be used as predictive models.