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Benjamin Hills's Profile Picture

Benjamin Hills
Graduate Student
Office: JHN 262
Phone: 406-459-3340
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: Glaciology, Ice Dynamics, Geophysics, Ice Sheet Modeling

Research Interests
I am interested in ice dynamics, both the rheology of ice and the states which promote ice sliding over its substrate. I am particularly focused on fast-flowing regions such as the Siple Coast Ice Streams and the Amundsen Sea sector.
Personal Statement
Growing up in Montana, I learned the landscapes of the Mountain West at a young age and discovered an innate fascination in the physical processes that govern the Earth’s surface. While I initially struggled to settle into one academic profile, I have consistently striven for a balance between my research interests in the Earth and my intellectual strengths in mathematics and engineering. Studying snow mechanics at Montana State University enabled that balance, and since then my scientific interests have narrowed toward the cryosphere. My research experiences have been both regional, in the western US, and international, working on the Greenland Ice Sheet. The projects that I have worked on range from global-scale ice-sheet modeling and analyzing satellite data, to hot-water drilling and building electronics for directly instrumenting Greenland ice.