Yan Emma Hu's Profile Picture

Yan Emma Hu
Graduate Student
Office: JHN 323
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: Non-traditional stable isotope geochemistry and gemology.

Award Name
Awarding Body/Group
Description of Award
Robert and Nadine Bassett Fellowship2014/3/15ESS department
Inquisitive Graduate Student Support Fund2014/3/15ESS department$1,053
GSA Graduate Student Research Grant2014/4/11Geological Society of America$1,500
GSA Graduate Student Research Grant2015/4/3Geological Society of America$1,783
George Edward Goodspeed Geology Scholarship2015/5/20ESS department
Kenneth C. Robbins Fellowship2015/5/20ESS department
Peter Misch Fellowship2016/5/27ESS department
ESS Gala Best Geochemistry Talk2016ESS department
Harry Wheeler Scholarship2017/5/18ESS department

Research Interests
Magnesium (Mg) isotope system is a newly-developed geochemical tool that has more and more demonstrated its usefulness in geological studies in recent years. My current research focuses on 1) determining Mg isotopic variation in crustal and mantle-derived rocks and minerals, as well as in marine sediments, and 2) examining the magnitude and mechanism of Mg isotope fractionation during crust-mantle interaction and evolution. These research findings will help to establish the Mg isotopes as a geologic tracer, geothermometer, and geospeedometer.