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Steven Sholes
Graduate Student
Office: JHN 240
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Interests: Planetary Science, Remote Sensing, Mars Geomorphology, Astrobiology

Courses TA'ed
Course #
% Responsible
Spr 2015ESS101545323%Terry Swanson, Other TAs
Win 2016ESS45542150%Ethan Hyland, Charlotte Schreiber
Spr 2016ESS21358430%Roger Buick, Other TAs
Aut 2016ASTBIO11558835%Roger Buick, Other TAs
Win 2017ESS42143750%Steven Walters
Spr 2017ESS102515538%Erika Harnett, Other TAs
Aut 2017ESS106321050%Mike Harell
Win 2018ESS101544614%Terry Swanson, Other TAs
Spr 2018ESS21358345%Roger Buick, Other TAs

Recent Publications
Peer Reviewed Articles Sholes, S.F., J. Krissansen-Totton, and D.C. Catling. "A Maximum Subsurface Biomass on Mars from Untapped Free Energy: Carbon Monoxide as an Anti-Biosignature." Astrobiology (in review). Sholes, S.F., M.L. Smith, M.W. Claire, K.J. Zahnle, and D.C. Catling. "Anoxic Atmospheres on Mars Driven by Volcanism: Implications for Past Environments and Life." Icarus 290: 46-62. 2017. Misra, A., J. Krissansen-Totton, M.C. Koehler, and S. Sholes. "Detecting Volcanism on Exoplanets using Transient Sulfate Aerosols." Astrobiology 15(6): 462-477. 2015. Thomas, P.C., W. Calvin, P. Gierasch, R. Haberle, P.B. James, and S. Sholes. “Time Scales of Erosion and Deposition Recorded in the Residual South Polar Cap of Mars.” Icarus 225(2): 923-932. 2013. Conference Abstracts Hood, D.R., S. Karuantillake, C. Fassett, and S.F. Sholes. "Automated Boulder Detection and Measuring in HiRISE Images." 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract #2437, 20 Mar 2018. Sholes, S.F., A. Mushkin, and D.C. Catling. "Boulder-size Distributions as Indicators for Depositional Process on Earth and Mars." Geological Society of America Annual, Abstract #304073, 25 Oct 2017. Sholes, S.F., J. Krissansen-Tottton, and D.C. Catling. "How Many Blue Whales on Mars? Obtaining a Maximum Extant Biomass Using CO Antibiosignatures." Astrobiology Science Conference, Abstract #3189, 27 Apr 2017. Sholes, S.F., D.C. Catling, and D.R. Montgomery. "Quantified Identification of Paleo-Terraces Along a Proposed Martian Ocean Contact." 48th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract #1764, 23 Mar 2017. Sholes, S.F., M.L. Smith, M.W. Claire, K.J. Zahnle, and D.C. Catling. "An Anoxic Atmosphere on Early, Volcanically Active Mars and its Implications for Life." Astrobiology Science Conference, Abstract #7455, 15 Jun 2015. Sholes, S.F., D.C. Catling, R. Pretlow, and D.R. Montgomery. "High-Resolution Examination of the Geomorphology of Proposed Ocean Shorelines on Mars." 8th International Conference on Mars, Abstract #1014, 14 Jul 2014. Sholes, S., V.F. Chevrier, and J.A. Tullis. “Object Based Image Analysis for Remote Sensing of Planetary Surfaces.” 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Abstract #1527, 17 Mar 2013.
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