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Photo of Patterned Ground at Spitsbergen

The Quaternary Research Center fosters interdisciplinary research on the last two million years of the global environment: a time which encompasses massive, abrupt changes of climate, sea level, global biota and ice extent, as well the evolution of humans and the advent of civilization. QRC researchers study the processes responsible for environmental change to better understand how the Earth sustains humanity and other communities, and to better prepare for future environmental changes.

Group Website:

Quaternary Research Center

Faculty Members:

Patricia Anderson
Brian Atwater
Scott Bennett
Derek Booth
Alan Gillespie
Bernard Hallet
David Montgomery
Chuck Nittrouer
Gerard Roe
Ron Sletten
Eric Steig
John Stone
Terry Swanson
Ed Waddington
Steve Warren

Emeritus Faculty:

Estella Leopold
Stephen Porter
Charles Raymond