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View of Mount Rainier

Our research on volcanic processes combines field, petrological, geochemical and physical data and models. We believe this interdisciplinary approach is critical to developing realistic models of origin, differentiation and eruption processes. We have active research programs in both arc and ocean island volcanic settings. Geographically, we have active projects in the Southern Rocky Mountain volcanic field and Cascade arc of the western U.S., deep and shallow processes in the Andes, large Quaternary eruptions in the Mediterranean, and active volcanism in Kamchatka. The characterization and behavior of volatiles in volcanic systems is an important aspect of our research. Work on ocean island (mantle plume) volcanism focuses on Hawaii and the Canary Islands, end member examples of the range of intraplate volcanic expression. Our studies of mantle plume volcanism also include modeling the geochemical evolution of the mantle. Physical modeling focuses on the thermal and physical response of deep continental crust to magmatic intrusion, and physical processes that accompany differentiation during cooling of magma chambers in the upper crust.

Faculty Members:

George Bergantz
Brad Lipovsky
Steve Malone
Marine Denolle
Bruce Nelson